The Formation Of Eight Chinese Cuisines

There are many provinces in China, and each of those provinces has its own

customs and eating habits. Then do you know how many kinds of dishes in

China? Actually there are mainly eight famous Chinese cuisines. The eight

famous Chinese cuisines are Shandong cuisine, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian,

Jiangsu cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Hunan, Anhui cuisine. So, let have an

exact knowledge about the formation of these cuisines.

As we all known, China is a big country with food culture. Due to the

geographical environment, climate, cultural tradition and national customs

and other factors, those regions have formed a cuisine that is similar to

other regions that are adjacent. And with time goes by, those cuisines

become famous and favored by many people, and gradually people begin to name

those local flavor dishes cuisines.

Cuisine refers to the choice of materials, cutting styles, and cooking

techniques .And cuisines establish their own system through a long-term

evolution, with distinct local flavor characteristics, and recognized by the

community schools of Chinese cuisine. Certainly, during the formation of

those cuisines, there are many factors have affect the formation of those

cuisine. And to conclude from a number of facts that affect the formation of

cuisines, the main factors, which affect the formation of the cuisine, are

as follows.

Local property and customs

For example, there are many cows and sheep in north of China, so the people

who live there are often cooking dishes with beef and mutton. Because they

can only make use of those cows and sheep, so they mainly live on meat.

Also, if the place is full of fish and poultry, people would certainly like

to eat fish and meat. Besides, in the south of China, which is coastal

areas, there is more seafood, so seafood is always used in cooking. And

people live there certainly like to eat seafood.

Climate difference

Different climate makes different taste. In general, northern China is cold,

dishes are rich and savory; eastern China is in mild climate, dishes are

mainly sweet and savory; southwest is damp, dishes are more concentrated

with spicy taste.

Different cooking method

Different cooking methods make different features of dishes. For example,

Shandong cuisine and Beijing cuisine often use stir-frying, frying, baking

and leavening. Jiangsu cuisine often uses steaming, braising, stewing and

simmering. BOLA TANGKAS