The Fun and Fashion of Women’s Scarves

What can turn that little black dress into a devastatingly stylish ensemble? How do you add a personal touch to a plain business suit without going over the top? What is the best way to add a splash of color to a muted outfit, but remain elegant? The answer to all these burning fashion questions is women’s scarves. A pretty scarf can make all the difference and turn an ordinary outfit into are fashionable ensemble. You can look like quite the fashion plate by just adding a simple scarf.

The cool thing about women’s scarves is that they go with anything. They are the perfect accessory to perk up any outfit and add a touch of class and spark. Even your favorite tee shirt and jeans will look ultra chic when you add a scarf. Women’s silk scarves are especially decadent. It lends a posh, sophisticated feel to any outfit. Even the fashion fallen can learn to accessorize with women’s scarves and come out looking like fabulous fashionistas.

For a smart, sophisticated look, go for a tone on tone outfit and scarf look. Stick with the neutrals like cream, navy, camel and, of course, black but mixing the fabrics, like satin and wool, really brings out the sophisticated edge. For this type of look, get a long scarf that is in the same tone as the rest of your outfit (such as black on black). Hold it up in front of you and put it on your neck so that they ends dangle in the back. Cross the ends behind you and bring them to the front, cross again and drop the ends down your back, allowing them to dangle.

Skinny scarves work best with fitted tops, fitted jackets and clothes that skim your curves. Larger scarves work well with bulkier clothing and larger tops and jackets. Don’t be afraid to mix the textures, especially if you are going for a monochromatic look. This gives your look an exciting edge. Wear a skinny scarf around your neck, tying in a loose knot on the side or draping it to the side. It can also be worn tie-like by making a loose knot in the front.

Women’s scarves can also add a pop of color to a ho-hum wardrobe. Wear a colorful, bulky scarf with your winter coat for an exciting winter look. A black suit accented with a red or blue scarf is a chic look that is very easy to achieve. Drape the scarf over your shoulders and bring the ends together in front of you, creating a dickie. Pin the scarf at the point where you want it to meet and form the neckline. You can use a decorative pin or underpin for a sleek, understated look. Put your jacket on over the scarf and you have a very elegant look.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with the many looks you can get from women’s scarves. Look around you, many women are accessorizing with scarves. Try some of the styles that you see others wearing, then create some of your own to put your personal fashion mark on your outfits.

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