The Funniest TV Shows On The Air

TV show is a kind of food for the soul after a working day. And which are the current funniest shows on the air? This article will give you the answer.


30 Rock

Consistently hilarious and with some of the most clever writing on a sitcom since Seinfeld, 30 Rock has won numerous awards and has skyrocketed Tina Fey into Hollywood’s A-list of writers and actresses. Combined with the deadpan hilarity of Alec Baldwin and the always outrageous comments from Tracy Morgan’s character, 30 Rock is one of the must-see shows for those looking for a clever joke that will randomly pop into their head days after they saw the show. It is the great writing on 30 Rock that has made it one of the critically acclaimed comedies on television today.


The Office (US)

The US version of The Office has stuck around for longer than anyone suspected, largely because of its young, hip writing staff which includes actors Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak who also act in the show. Steve Carell plays lovable but dumb Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager Michael Scott was a brilliant choice that has paid off with laugh dividends. The Office has been a springboard for many of the actors on it, including Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and Ed Helms. Still going strong, The Office looks to continue its run for years to come.


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Almost like Seinfeld on overdrive; Seinfeld installed with a supercharger and performance chips, It’s Always Sunny is about a group of friends with little to no morality. They are selfish, rude, conniving and generally hilarious. “The Gang” as they are called are Mac, Dee, Charlie, Dennis, and beginning in season 2, Frank, played brilliantly by Danny DeVito. Again, like Seinfeld, the gang never learn and never stop being the horrible human beings that they are despite everything. Unlike Seinfeld, though, there are few, if any sentimental moments for the gang, they rarely do anything kind or altruistic, making Sunny a hilarious and bizarre mix of vaudeville and insanity.