The Greatest and Highest and Best Challenge in the Whole Wide World is Here!

There is no greater challenge in the whole world? That is a massive claim to make, but it just happens to be true. Show me a greater or higher one and I will join you in that adventure! Lead me to it and I will follow! One thing our world so needs at present is leadership and that is why I want to follow the highest and the best and be the best that I can be. I also want to offer you the best.

Following Jesus Christ can be the most exciting thrilling adventurous and dangerous way to live.

When Jesus said, “Anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot me my disciple”, he was placing an enormous demand upon a man’s life.

Jesus does not permit conflicting claims, and divided loyalties.

As many have discovered, carrying the cross involves opposition and persecution, simply because you follow Jesus.

The cross is what you carry, when those who despise you, for being a disciple of Jesus, give you a rough time.

Yes, there is a degree of misunderstanding and suffering, but if a man is unwilling to undergo that, Jesus says he cannot even get into my school.

Most people, when they sign up to follow Jesus Christ, do so to receive mercy, be forgiven, and loved by God, and to enjoy the peace which He gives. All of that is true. But few are aware of the small print.

The difference between being in a crowd listening to Jesus and being a committed disciple is massive, but you will never find a better investment anywhere. If you do happen to come across one, do let me know!

In the early days of the Church, these believers shared their sufferings, as well as their spiritual experiences and riches. Money and problems, personal testimony, trials and tribulations were shared.

They did not hide one at the expense of the other, just in case it might put some people off.

Each quickly learned how to share the consequences of carrying the cross with the hurts, the wounds, and the imprisonment which became common at that time, and which continues to occur in many places in today’s world.

It is there in ‘the small print’. The ‘small print’ is always essential reading.

Sandy Shaw