The Head Flexpoint 130 Squash Racket Review

The Head Flexpoint 130 and Technology!

Strength is good in squash, but only if you are able to regulate it. Control of strength is achievable by means of flexibility! Not your own flexibility, but your racquets!

Standard racket design has led to racquets turning into stiffer and stiffer products. This has effectively enhanced the average strength of newer racquets, but this may be at the cost of control. You will come across that historically, most rackets flex the same way. Which operates just fine, however the fine gents at Head decided to consider outside of the box & reinvent the way in which squash racquets flex.

The head Flexpoint technological innovation appears in two elements:




The holes are precisely engineered and you will discover them on the 3 o’clock along with the 9 o’clock positions on the racket head. They let the racket to flex in a way unique & more reactive than traditional rackets. The two flex holes reduces the sectional stiffness by up to 50%!

The dimples are actually engineered to make extra flexibility by the reduction of beam height by 25%!

The string structure with the Head Flexpoint 130 is actually a 12/17. The lengthy vertical strings produce much of this racquets immense power & compliments the tear drop form from the frame. Intriguingly, the holes and dimples in the frame don’t effect durability of the frame. So that may be the way you produce power, with controllability! You have racket which might create very difficult wall drives likewise as the capacity to recreate all over again and all over again those people high-quality contact nicks!

A couple of dimensions:

BODYWEIGHT: 130 grams


STABILITY: 33.5 cm/Even

The Head Flexpoint 130 is actually a mid-weight racket. It’s an evenly well balanced racket, even though, I tend to find that it FEELS head light-weight. However, you wouldn’t believe it right after the effective shots that you can fire from it! It is noticeable although if you need swift & precise actions for those always important nick shots. It really is advisable however to plump up the grip with an over-grip because the standard one which arrives on the racket didn’t last very long. The white grip also looked dirty inside about 5 minutes. Nonetheless, this is not an enormous trouble, with grips going for often much less than a few dollars it is simply fixed.

To get a racket that promises to be for intermediate players, I have observed a wide variety of people today use it. For newbies a possible choice is the Flexpoint 150 which is in all probability a far more preferable selection. Although they are a little a lot more challenging to seek out for sale, the extra 20 grams will make your hits a lot more consistent and highly effective. This is an awesome way to improve quicker & increase your self-confidence. Be aware that for chilrden and smaller females the 130 may well still be preferable to ensure that the lighter weight won’t tire your arms out as fast.

Intermediates and above will discover the Head Flexpoint 130 an excellent hit for your selling price. The Flexpoint’s capability to appease such a broad vary of players for the cost, and for a long time now, really indicates that this is really a Excellent squash Racquet.

If you might be looking to get a beginner racket to introduce you to squash & one that will survive you to get a while, this really is undoubtedly a really excellent decision. The lower selling price also means that the introduction to the sport can be far more friendlier too!

If you will be hunting for the racquet to add with your selection as an intermediate or over, the value is at all times proper & you’ll find the Head Flexpoint 130 has the skill to outshine a lot of rackets twice its price tag. It has been a critical racket for me on occasions & its strength still continues to surprise me these days.

I hope this has helped you make your racket selection simpler. Advanced squash players will discover the Flexpoint slightly sluggish in their hands, but for anyone else you’ll be hard pressed to find a greater racket for the price.

Cheers! And delight in the fine game of Squash!