The Hen House and a Few Things to Consider Before You Start

Predators! Weather Conditions! Available Space! Number of Chickens! How Much Time and Money You Want to Spend! Answering these and a few other questions will greatly improve your experience with raising organic chickens and eggs.

1) Size of The Hen House

To maintain happy and healthy chickens, 4-6 square feet of living space is required. Happy chickens produce more eggs! How many chickens you house, in turn, will give you an approximate size you need. You also must decide if a chicken tractor (mobile house) or a regular fixed house is right for you.

2) Buy the Hen House or DIY?

Most people have a dollar amount in mind when they begin searching, so it should be something that is considered early on in the process. The most economical are the do-it-yourself house plans which can be built for around $ 200. The pre-built hen houses can be any where from $ 400 to over $ 1000. This, alone, might be the determining factor for you.

3) Safety of Chickens in The Hen House

Safety for your chickens is also very important. There are many natural predators that need to be accounted for so consider the techniques that will adequately protect your new chickens.

4) The Hen House and Chicken Breeds

The correct style you choose will also be determined by the average temperature in your area. Cold weather chicken breeds, (below zero degrees), should be facing south in the winter with the adequate windows for sunlight and ventilation. While warm weather chicken breeds, will need to be chosen for the areas with temperatures above 100 degrees.

Take the time to look through a few plans to determine which ones will be the best for your situation. The hen house plan that will produce the healthiest chickens and the most eggs is the one that will make your experience with your new green living adventure one that will continue for many years.

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