The History Of Church Seating

The UK is filled with so many churches ranging from little country chapels to spectacular churches, each defining a part of our history and culture. Churches are often admired and their beauty is viewed from the outside, however there is also inner beauty to discover.

The interior of a church has a much greater importance than the outside as it reflects the purpose of a church. This has certainly changed over the years in accordance with the changes in ways people worship. During the period of the Saxons the building was often quite plain without much detail or decor. The years which progressed after this saw the arrival of patterns and murals as well as statues which were brought into the church during the period of the Normans. The progress made within the church with regards to decoration was halted when Protestant reformation removed many of these items from the church. However, in the twentieth century stained glass windows have found their way back into churches to give a much more artistic atmosphere of light within the church.

A key element to church interiors has to be the furniture which is placed inside them as it can add to the feel of the surroundings. Before, uncluttered earthen floors often did not have seating and people would stand in church as there were no facilities for them to sit. Later came stone benches which slowly evolved as worship as evolved. Congregations were now supposed to sit and listen to a sermon and sing hymns thus leading to the necessity of churches having to provide somewhere for people to sit. The first type of church chairs to appear were benches which developed into having their own name, a pew.

Nevertheless, over the last few decades there has been a greater need for comfort in church seating. Church chairs provide that extra comfort and extra style. Chairs can be moved around easily and stacked to offer great flexibility. They can also be linked together to make lines of seating. Chairs can be displayed in various arrangements and still be kept in order via linking devices. Furthermore, if you wish for additional extras you can opt for chairs which have book holders and even cup holders. You can choose a selection of fabrics, and wooden frames. All these details can be designed and fitted to match the look of the church to create a perfect atmosphere. BOLA TANGKAS