The Homeless and Helpless – Protection Poem

They are homeless and emotionally helpless:

Some have been put out by family members

For reasons unknown and in anger;

Living from day to day in the moment they move

Assimilating and living in a different culture

In a new world, preyed on for adventure.

Reality on a different world’s stage they adopt

They may be seen in alley ways

Also on side streets looking for food others have dropped.

One must wonder-

“Do their families care about them?”

If so, “Then why are they

Out there living in such a condition like that?”

Smoking cigarette butts found on sidewalks

They show how things go to waste,

Eating food out of garbage cans they bring to our realization

What we throw away is soothing to their taste.

They wear what others gave them for clothing,

At times they eat what passersby put in their hands as food

While wintertime finds them aching and adjusting.

Unfortunately, there are times when they are

Harassed by unreasonable people,

Some beaten and wounded by frustrated young adults

Filled with emotional hate as an example.

Some have been subjected to crimes of hate

By those who are mean-spirited;

Yet, some have been beaten and killed

For no apparent reason as attackers are acquitted.

Our nation’s capital has now launched a quest

To protect the homeless and helpless:

Those who are homeless should not be victims.

Hate crime legislation are is in process to protect this class;

Discrimination laws are now being passed-

To defend and protect the welfare of the homeless at last.

Researchers have stated that crimes against the homeless

Committed by individuals are baseless.

Excitement and sports related events are what hater’s states.

Hater oppressing the homeless are in the range of twenty-five

Years old and below, who gives to their friends high-fives.

The homeless have been beaten by mean people two and a half times

More than any other group, and also chased-which is a crime.

The homeless will now be in a protected group and class

Hooray to the quest for protecting humanity at last!

Now the homeless and helpless can have some ease

Hopefully, while living in peace!

© Joseph S. Spence, Sr., 8/9/09

© All Rights Reserved