The Htc 7 Mozart Features A Large 3.7 Inch Touch Display

The HTC 7 Mozart has a large 3.7 inch touch display with an automatically updating Start screen offering the latest messages and notifications for you. The phone also has great multimedia support with the Music and Video Hub powered by Zune, and also Pictures for all your photos both on the Web and on your Phone.

The handset is running the Windows Phone 7 operating system with HTC Hubs and other third party applications also available. The handset is capable of running multiple applications at once with the support of the high random access memory (576 megabytes) and high clock speed of the Qualcomm processor (1 GHz) respectively. Additionally, the handset features a large WVGA touch display measuring 3.7 inches diagonally, along with 512 megabytes of read only memory which halos aids the RAM and processor to seamlessly perform.

The 7 Mozart has an 8 megapixel auto focus camera with a Xenon flash for poor light conditions, along with built-in effects when taking photos including candlelight, landscape, portrait match and others. When video recording, the flash acts as a video light, while it is able to record at 720 pixel resolution for High Definition video. Both photos and videos can be viewed back on the Pictures Hub which also shows photos that are on Facebook and Windows Live, both of which are fully integrated for social networking on the move. Messaging is offered with a unified text and multimedia messaging editor, while multiple email accounts can be combined into one inbox with instant Start screen notification of new emails.

The phone has an internal GPS receiver which allows it to provide automatic location based tagging (Geotagging) of all photos and videos captured with the phones camera, while it also allows the Bing Maps preloaded application to perform. Directions and detailed, up-to-date maps are available onscreen, along with the digital compass and accelerometer sensors to ensure the display keeps the correct orientation. The handset also includes great connectivity with Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate, microUSB connector for fast syncing capabilities and a 3.5mm AV connector for headphones respectively.

The HTC 7 Mozart offers a compact and smart design touch bar handset with the latest operating system on the market, in Windows Phone 7 OS. The HTC Hubs also offer further capabilities to the phone, as well as the presence of a powerful 8 megapixel camera with a Xenon flash which is Campbell of creating HD videos for you.