The Htc Desire Hd Is Well Equipped To Tackle Web Browsing

Advances in mobile technology have allowed HTC to come up with one 2010s most anticipated and exciting smartphones; the HTC Desire HD. The super cool phone has a mammoth 4.3 inch LCD screen and boasts HD 720p video. The Desire HD is loaded with GPS, Bluetooth, Wi Fi, 3G, FM radio, e-mail, IM and advanced multimedia as standard, and access to the Android Market allows users to download additional content from a many thousand strong collection of apps.
If you are lucky enough to have a Desire HD you will find it to be a luxurious phone, a little on the large side, but slim enough to slide in and out of your pocket with ease. The 4.3 inch display is capacitive; meaning it utilises the multi-touch input method, but for those who struggle with the ultra responsiveness an optical track pad can also be used to navigate the UI.
The Desire HD supports some gorgeous visuals thanks to the 480 X 800 pixel set up which can produce over 16 million colours, combine this with a high contrast ratio and you get beautiful on-screen imagery throughout the phones features.
Being Android based users can benefit from the various Google applications which can be found in various locations; you get Google Maps, which combined with the A-GPS and HTC Footprints provides ample navigational support. You also get full YouTube compatibility with the chance to share some of your own videos direct from the phone.
The HTC Sense interface is one of the most advanced and easy to use UIs on the market. the intuitive overlay delivers a top class user experience which can be customized to suite the users needs. The UI also provides SNS integration with dedicated apps for Facebook and Twitter, and live feeds from all of your social networks in one application called FriendStream. You can also synch your phonebook with your social network contacts.
The HTC Desire HD is well equipped to tackle web browsing; the phone makes the most of such technologies as Wi Fi and 3G to provide a super fast and reliable connection where the intuitive web browser than takes over. Users can enjoy a full web browsing experience with a Google Search Engine, tabs and bookmarks via some very simple yet very clever browser controls.
With the Desire HD in hand users can enjoy an HD 720p experience thanks to the exclusive 8Mp digital camera; the camera is loaded with LED flash, auto-focus, face detection and tons of settings and editing tools for users to enrich there photographic experience. An advanced multimedia deck allows for the playback of multiple audio and video formats while an expandable memory with a 32GB limit will deliver ample storage space for a huge number of files. For the musically minded HTC have also supplied a 3.5mm audio connection so users can use there headphones.
With the HTC Legend and HTC Desire doing so well in the first third of the year, its only right to see the Desire HD and Desire Z succeed in the run up to Christmas. Both phones are advanced in a number of mobile technology categories and top there class in a few too.