The Htc Gratia Follows The Htc Wildfire Providing Geotagging And Navigation

The HTC Gratia follows the HTC Wildfire and offers Geotagging and navigation among other location based services. The handset also features a 5 megapixel camera for video recording and photo capturing those great moments, as well as integrated social networking allowing you to share them with all your friends instantly too.

The phone offers the android 2.1 operating system with the Sense user interface, as does the HTC Wildfire and many other similar handset models form the well-known manufacturer. The 600 MHz processor combined with the 384 megabytes of random access memory allows it to run seamlessly powering multiple apps at once, meaning you can listen to music with the integrated Music player while you type your latest Facebook status into the fully integrated Friend Stream app, which also shows you your friends latest statuses. There is also an integrated FM radio for live news and music entertainment. Music playback can be listened to via a wireless Bluetooth headset or with a standard 3.5mm jack connection respectively.

The Gratia also offers a microUSB connector, as featured on the HTC Wildfire also, which provides fast file sharing, syncing with a compatible computer, and internet sharing with its tethering facility. Location based services include automatic Geotagging of photos and videos captured with the 5 megapixel camera. There is also preinstalled Google Maps offering on-screen maps and directions between destinations, and the HTC Footprints app for turn by turn navigation respectively, all made possible with the internal GPS receiver which is featured as with the Wildfire also. Messaging is also made easy on this phone with a unified text and multimedia messaging editor, allowing you to instantly share photos and videos with friends.

The handset has a compact design including a 320 by 480 resolution display measuring 3.2 inches diagonally. The touch display offers simple touch parameters with the Sense user interface and operating system along with pinch to zoom capability, which is particularly useful when veining photos on the Photos app, or browsing web pages with the preloaded web browser offering full HTML pages and Flash support. Integrated social networking includes Facebook and Twitter, while you can also share videos to YouTube and photos to Flickr or other social networks respectively.

The HTC Gratia is a well-designed and compact handset with a great 5 megapixel camera for capturing those moments out and about with friends, and then sharing them with other friends. The handset also offers great messaging and location based services allowing you to stay on the move, and in contact with others. BOLA TANGKAS