The Htc Wildfire Boasts A Compact Capacitive Touch Screen Display

The HTC Wildfire offers a compact capacitive touch screen display offering the Sense user interface for fast and easy to use messaging and social networking. The handset also features an impressive 5 megapixel camera for video and photo taking, along with the capabilities to instantly share your multimedia with friends.

The phone offers Footprints preloaded application which provides you with onscreen turn by turn navigation on both foot and in-car for when you are on the move, as well as the integrated Google maps which also offers worldwide maps and directions between destinations for you to follow. The internal GPS antenna also allows the handset to provide Geotagging of photos and videos as you capture them, making it easy to reference albums and videos from certain events and places.

The Wildfire features a 5 megapixel auto focus camera which is able to capture special moments in photos and also videos, which you can then watch back on the Photos application. You can also easily and instantly share the multimedia with friends through the integrated Facebook, Twitter and Flickr along with YouTube for both video sharing and watching other peoples videos for entertainment. The camera is also aided by a flash for use when lighting is so good.

The handset offers a Music application which provides playlists and cover flow albums for easy reference and making it simple to find the tunes you are looking for. Additionally, there is an integrated FM radio for the up to the minute music and news also. You can use the standard headphones connection (3.5mm jack) for audio listening, or alternatively take advantage of the A2DP profile which is included with the Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. The A2DP profile allows you to wirelessly connect the handset to a compatible headset for wireless stereo playback. You can also connect it to a stereo system and have the music play aloud. Other connectivity includes the microUSB connector for fast syncing with your computer, useful when you are short on storage space, which is likely to be uncommon due to the 32 gigabytes of possible memory on the microSD card which a slot is present for.

The HTC Wildfire offers a simplistic and easy to use interface along with the power of the Android operating system making it easy to run multiple applications at once. The handset features music, videos and more entertainment as well as providing for social networking and messaging. The impressive camera is also a great tool. BOLA TANGKAS