The Htc Wildfire Follows The Htc Desire Boasting Special Ringer Features

The HTC Wildfire follows the HTC Desire with special ringer features which turn its volume down or mute it as you lift the handset or place it screen-down. The phone also has a 5 megapixel camera for video recurring those special moments with friends and family, as well as being able to take photos of them too.

The handset features a 3.5mm audio jack connector which allows you to use standard headphones when listening to music on the Music application which sorts all of your tracks and offers great cover flow control and album artwork for easy reference to the tracks you want to hear. Additionally, the Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate has the A2DP profile for wireless stereo headsets, allowing you to use wireless headphones too, the same is featured on other handsets including the HTC Desire respectively. Among other connectivity there is also a microUSB port for fast file sharing and syncing the handset with your WIndows computer via the HTC Sync Suite. Meanwhile, further music and live news can be offered by the internal FM radio also featured on this handset and the HTC Desire.

The Wildfire has a large 4.2 inch QVGA display offering simple capacitive touch controls including pinch to zoom capability which makes viewing webpages even better as it enhances clarity, while viewing photos is also improved within the Photos application, also preinstalled as with many others. The Android Market for one, which allows you to further download more apps and widgets to run on the phone. The handset runs the Android Eclair 2.1 erupting system and is capable of running multiple apps at once thanks to the 528 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 384 megabytes of random access memory (RAM), similar to the HTC Desire with its 1 GHz processor and 576 megabits of RAM. Meanwhile, both handsets enjoy 512 megabytes of read only memory respectively.

The phone provides a 5 megapixel auto focussing camera which also benefits form the addition of a flash to enhance dull lighting when capturing photos or videos, and includes automatic Geotagging of both media too, allowing you to reference by location and not just the date of media respectively. Other location based services include Google Maps for directions and Footprints for full navigation, as featured on the HTC Desire also.

The HTC Wildfire is a compact and powerful handset which offers great messaging, email and social networking interaction through an impressively large touch display. Additionally, it also provides location based services and is running a powerful and multitasking operating system and intuitive user interface. BOLA TANGKAS