The Human Mind and the Yoga

The human mind, in his evolutionary trial, she has been illuminated by the light of the awareness producing systems whose end is the improvement of the human condition. They are the circumstances that, they sometimes determine the geographical position, where, such systems, are manifested more clearly to the world.

This way, the Yoga finds in India the historical position of his birth remaining, subsequently also imprisoned in the religious culture of this country.

This becomes conclusive to the goals of the researcher which, today it owes for strength to pass through the Indian culture to be able to understand the goal, and to use the techniques that go to form the system of “Liberation” denominated Yoga. And when it is said “liberation” he intends to tell liberation it represents, besides, the street to indissolubly free themselves from the cycle of the Samsara or the tied up rebirths to the distorted vision of the senses that prevents the dissolution of the union with the suffering and the logging the knowledge of the Itself indefeasible.

The Yoga word, belongs therefore to the spiritual world, and, sometimes, utopian Indian, even if the Yoga more ancient, some sustain, he didn’t introduce any connotation type cultural or religious.

The ancient origin of the Yoga one is surely pre-air as they testify the archaeological findings of Harrappa and I will Mohenjodaro belonging city to the civilization of the valley of the Indo that precedes the development of Vedic India.

The Yoga one held classical, sees instead the light in the first centuries of ours, it was and one are considered of the six Darsanas or viewpoints, of the philosophical-religious thought Hindù whose codification, as all know, Patanjali is attributed to, compiler of the Yoga-sutra or Aphorisms of the Yoga of dating, happen as always when he is to contact with the Indian history, a great deal shaky.

As you is already said so many times, Yoga it is a word sanscrita that deriving from the radix of the verb Yuj points out the meeting record to yoke. Example: to yoke the oxen to the wagon. Its meaning grants to this system the role of discipline whereas you are thought about yoking the present instinctual personality in the human nature, to direct her and to finalize toward well taller purposes represented by other meanings, that we will see subsequently, attributable to the verb Yuj. The promoters of this discipline, initially train him, in circle psico-somatic, to yoke mind and body to get a perfect drive, working to depths levels toward a single idea.

They passes so to experiment a first feeling of harmonic aggregation that corresponds to a pleasant stadium in which the mind partly results reorganized. To return to the verb sanscrito Yuj, finds almost always suitable, as I told you, other meanings over the most intrinsic “to yoke” that I hold can represent steps precise and relative experiences of conscience as that above described tied up to the verb to unite or union if reported to the Yoga word.

A third interpretative proposal, note, is recognized in the word “amalgamation” that for the Yoga one it relatively represents the level of coscience of experience more advanced than, it usually follows the complete realization of the union psico-physics. In this stadium the subject after having taken meeting record of the existing dynamic interrelation among itself and what surrounds him, it also realizes strongly her as feeling. This is worth to make to fall the last resistances and contrariety toward aspects of the demonstration, naturally also toward the mens, feeling himself in amalgamation and to them legacy from something of commune.

It changes at this point her vision of the world. The words friend, hostile or indifferent they are replaced from favorable, unfavorable or neutral and, consequently introduces in him yourself more evident emotional stability. The memories, above all through the practice of the meditation, they also comes reorganize and stripped by the emotional aspect.

The heavy burden, that constitutes the depressing past in many cases, is loosened and the is often noticed to disappear some senses of guilt. The individual can start this way him toward a fourth stadium of realization that will bring him to seek the lasting joy and what is over the ordinary one or the transcendent one.

Along the street he could experiment the supreme peace, to know and to rest in the true essence of his being. Through a continuous meditation on the truth itself, that is pure eternal conscience and beyond of the psico-somatic complex and of the worldly oppressions he could reach the liberty.

In the full success of this phase the subject should return to integrate himself, or it would be reinstated better in the collectivity, he is thought I deprive of resistances, and with a clear vision of the reality.

To conclude this first party I have moreover to assert that the science of the Yoga one demands to teach a method that allows to achieve the complete union of the Itself, that is of the present spiritual reality in each of us with that general purpose whose constitution would be, according to a hypothesis of the ancient literature, reality, conscience, beatitude (Satchidananda).

This union would be the only true Yoga. The point from where he departs for this experience. A state of conscience in which the mystical ones propose him to meet and to know God. A route, perhaps to bashful, through which the produced one, for so to say, would return in the womb of the generated, rather surely melting himself in the same nature of this last losing his individual identity.