The Importance of Celibacy and Chastity

There exists considerable evidence from the field of psychiatry to indicate a definite relationship between the sex gland and the brain. Spermatozoa may have an internal function that is necessary for the normal metabolism of the brain, and dementia praecox (schizophrenia) may be due to an alteration of deficiency of their production due to degeneration of the seminiferous (pertaining to the formation of semen) tubules of auto-intoxication (due to having been poisoned). This may result from masturbation and sexual excess in causing a chemical withdrawal from the circulation necessary for the nutrition of the brain.

We must remember that lecithin is a chief constituent of the myelin sheaths of the nerve-cells and essential for their activity, during which it is consumed-for it is the nerve-oil that keeps the fire of nerve and brain activity burning. Since lecithin is also a principal constituent of the semen, we can readily understand why excessive sexual activity should lead to lecithin deficiency and under-nutrition of nerve and brain cells. The sex glands influence the brain. Their influence on the nerves, however, is more immediate and profound.

Conservation of semen means conservation of sex hormones and increased vigor, while loss of semen means loss of hormones and diminished vitality. Also chronic deficiency of such hormones leads to the symptoms of senility.

“We tell you that at every emission of semen you’re losing the nutrients and the best portion of the (blood) corpuscles, inasmuch as every particle of semen which is ejected will be replaced by more taken from the blood. This is enough to convince you that when you are ejecting semen, which should stay in the body and become reabsorbed so as to form the oil in the joints, in new muscles, in the brain tissues and as well as every other part of the body. That process gets restricted when one indulges in sex.

Lord Krishna says, “Real happiness is to transcend material happiness and unhappiness, and real misery is to be implicated in searching for sex pleasure (kama-sukha). A wretched person is one who cannot control his senses, whereas one who is not attached to sense gratification is a real controller. One who attaches himself to sense gratification is the opposite, a slave.”

The search for mundane sex pleasure, kama-sukha, is not appreciated by Krishna. The art of lust is portrayed in the book kama sutra, and of course, it is not meant for persons wishing to make spiritual advancement.

Gandhi: “The horror with which ancient literature regarded the fruitless loss of vital fluid was not a superstition born of ignorance. Surely it is criminal for a man to allow his most precious possession to run to waste.”

“But we tell you that when you see paralysis, palsy, apoplexy and brain softening you may set it down that there have been sexual losses and a waste of the bodily substance from the sexual orgasm. We assure you nothing can be so enervating as this sexual excess, and any sexual mating is an excess if it is not for the purpose of having children.”
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