The Importance of Principles – Gaining Success and Going Back to Basics

Principles are …

Principles are a necessary part to any industry. A principle is, essentially, a way to do something. It is a small quip that explains the moral, the reason or a tip to do something.

Here are some examples:

Online marketing success principle: risk is necessary
Turning Pro principle: making at least $ 1.00 in an industry turns you from an amateur to a professional.

Here’s the thing about a principle- no matter what industry you’re in a principle is enduring. You can teach it at any time without ever changing it.

Principles exist in all sorts of teachings. For example the Bible uses the principle “turn the other cheek.” However, before that, the principle was “an eye for an eye (a tooth for a tooth).” These principles expand across cultures, religions and worldviews. However, one thing remains the same- principles are an important aspect to our central understanding of something.

The Principle of Overcoming Writer’s Block:

Here is a perfect example of the importance of going back to the principles when solving a problem.

In almost any industry, you may have to write something. This may be a novel, a press release, an email, a letter, anything. To write something worthwhile and overcome your writer’s block, you need to always look at the following six principles to writing:

Why, and

These questions serve as a great writer’s block demolisher but also allow you to get right to the point of your writing.

The Problem with Principles

Principles seem so easy to understand and apply. However, this is where people go wrong when it comes to principles. They are so obvious and uncomplicated that people do not use them. However, if you just get back to the basic principles whenever you are having a problem, you will be able to see the situation clearly and understand how powerful principles can be in the grand scheme of things.