The Importance of Using the Right Size Puppy Bowl

Puppies are the impossibly cute precursors to man’s best friend – dogs. They are small, rambunctious and lovable. They also grow at a very rapid rate and they need food and water to support that growth. When feeding your puppy it is important that you provide it with the proper nutrition, and usually that entails feeding it specially designed puppy food. But where are you going to put this puppy food? Certainly you can’t feed your puppy out of a jumbo sized bowl designed for an adult dog! The small portion of food you give to your puppy would get lost in a bowl that size! That is why there is a large selection of puppy bowls available on the market today, specially designed for your puppy or your litter of puppies!

Puppy bowls come in a vast array of different shapes, sizes and colors. It is important to pick the ones that best suit you, your puppy, and your home. Is your puppy an elegant little lady? Then get her a bowl that reflects that! Or maybe your puppy is a boisterous little boy? Why not get him a puppy bowl that shows off his wild side? Certain puppy bowls are specially designed for feeding entire litters of puppies; they have raised portions in the middle that push the food out to the edges to help ensure all the puppies get their food, because we all know that puppies can be rude to their brothers and sisters when they are eating, especially the smaller ones, and it is very important that all the puppies in the litter get the necessary amount of food.

With the large variety of puppy bowls available today, it isn’t hard to find one that matches your puppy’s personality and your home’s decor. There are puppy bowls that are especially designed to be pleasing the human eye as well as the puppy’s eye, so you should be able to find a cute and stylish puppy bowl without a problem. The majority of puppy bowls are well made so they are durable and easy to clean. They will stand up to the tenacious gnawing and biting that the puppies will apply to them as they go through their teething stage. Puppy bowls will easily last you for as long as your puppy remains a puppy, and in the future, your adult pooch will always look back with fond memories on the days when it ate out of the high quality puppy bowl that you purchased for it!

Spring Dosa – Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen

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