The Iphone 4 Offers A Universal Search Feature

The iPhone 4 provides a universal search feature which allows you to search your entire phone or the Web from the tap of the Home Screen where all your apps are neatly laid out also. The handset also provides a 5 megapixel camera for photo capture and recording video clips in High Definition.

The phone offers the latest iOS 4 operating system powered by the A4 processor chip from Apple, which has a clock speed of 1 GHz respectively. The new operating system allows you to use multiple apps at any time, along with other new features including better accessibility and Folders which allows you to collate apps together based on genre or just your own customisations, which enables you to find them easily when you want them. Other features on the handset include the Find My iPhone 4 which allows you to locate your handset via Google Maps and remotely set a passcode lock, display a message and more.

The iPhone 4 features an impressive 5 megapixel camera for video recording in High Definition and photo capture similar to the Samsung Galaxy S which also has a front VGA camera as well for self-portrait shots and video calling which on the iPhone is through the new FaceTime app which offers one tap to video call instead of calling the contact in your phone book. Your friends can also reach you through email and messaging with the combined SMS and MMS threaded view Messages app, along with the integrated and dedicated iPhone 4 apps from Facebook and Twitter among other social networking services.

The device now also provides a more rigid encasing with a finger-resistant back and engineered glass covering the digitizer and mutilate-touch technology which offers such a simple and intuitive way to use the handset and its software, along with all of the third party apps available for it. As well as a phone and more, there is also the iPod which sorts and plays your music, which can now also be done in the background while you perform other tasks, in the same way as on the Android 2.1 Samsung Galaxy S respectively.

The iPhone 4 is an impressive and renowned handset featuring a wealth of apps for download which offer endless resources for everyday tasks, and more. It now also features an improved camera with an LED flash as well as the front VGA camera for video calls. BOLA TANGKAS