The Iphone 4 White Boasts Thousands Of Applications Through The Integrated App Store

The iPhone 4 White provides thousands of applications through the integrated App Store where you can search, browse and download new apps all the time, whether you need them or are just intrigued. The sleek design handset with multi-touch capability also features a powerful 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and intuitive onscreen controls to take photos or make HD videos.

The handset is powered by the Apple A4 processor which has been especially designed and engineered to provide power with power efficiency to allow you to multitask between apps, edit your HD videos and more, while maximising battery life. Meanwhile, the multi-touch technology senses every finger movement to allow you to pinch to zoom, recognise two-finger taps and more through the unique high-resolution Retina display, now protected with toughened engineered glass as used on high-speed trains and helicopter windscreens.

The iPhone 4 features a 5 megapixel camera with a built-in LED flash to still capture great photos even in low-light conditions, and 5 times digital zoom to provide even greater clarity and action. The camera also has auto focus, but still allows you to tap the display to focus manually, automatically adjusting the exposure and white balance, so you can always be sure to take the perfect photo first time. As well as the main rear-facing camera it also has a front-facing VGA camera and FaceTime which provides a simple user interface for video calling, with a small window view of you on top of a full-screen view of who you are video calling, which with one tap you can switch around. The second camera also makes it easy for you to take self-portrait shots.

The handset features the iOS 4 operating system which also includes new features to the previous iPhone models available. Key additions include the multi-tasking capability for both integrated and third party (downloaded) apps, but also Folders, allowing you to easily organise apps into convention genre-based or customised folders to keep apps where you want them.

The iPhone 4 White is an impressive latest model of the world famous phone to which even other manufacturers look up to. It has many features due to the huge number of apps which third party development companies have created, offering endless resources to any user, for any needs almost. Additionally, the hardware provides both a great looking, but also robust encasing and glass protection to the Retina high-quality display. BOLA TANGKAS