The iPhone 4 White offers the App Store allows further applications to be added

The iPhone 4 White with the App Store allows further applications to be added to it, both adding resources to it and customizing it into the perfect mobile for you. With FaceTime for video calling, a Retina display for amazing colour depth and interface graphics quality along with its many other preloaded apps it is an extremely powerful handset in both hardware and software.
Running the latest iOS 4 operating system and with the Apple A4 processor to power it, true multi-tasking is made possible allowing you to send emails browse the Web and more all at the same time as listening to your music or downloading another app. The multi-tasking capabilities extend to third-arty apps as well, and it is possible to switch between them without slowing performance or having consequences upon the battery life. 
The iPhone 4 White features a 5 megapixel camera with built-in LED flash along with an advanced backside illumination sensor which allows you to capture the perfect picture first time even when faced with poor lighting conditions. The front facing camera meanwhile, allows you to use the FaceTime application to make video calls to other iPhone 4 friends and contacts and also take great self-shot portrait photos. 
Folders allows you to quickly and easily organise all of the apps on the handset into folders. By simply tapping the app icons once wobbling a new folder can be created, and either atomically named on genre or named by you. Other apps include Safari for full web browsing  in HTML 5 and Mail for easy emailing to friends and contacts. Meanwhile, iTunes and your entire iPod are also still present on your handset for endless entertainment with music, videos and more. 
Readers can also enjoy ebooks through the free ebook reader, iBooks, available for download. It enables you to read a book on the high-resolution Retina display rendering every page immaculately with rich colours and sharp text. Turning pages is simple by tapping the right or left side of the screen or dragging like a real book. You can also jump immediately to any part of the book through its table of contents. 
The iPhone 4 White is a highly powerful and capable handset featuring the very best in music, videos, web browsing and messaging capabilities along with all the necessities of a mobile phone for calling and also video calling. With multiple apps able to run simultaneously, and so many apps available for download form the App Store it is a world in your hands.