The Lakers`History and Jerseys

The nickname of Lakers is “Purple golden legion” because the Lakers shirt is the purple and yellow and their strong. Nowadays the Lakers`purple are famous around the world. It stands for huge, successful and strong.

Before 1979
When they joined the NBA in 1948, the Lakers were still in Minneapolis. A plane crash made the Lakers`owner determined that they must relocate to Los Angeles in 1948.

The Los Angeles Lakers took five championship “first dynasty” in six years since the Lakers joined the NBA. George is the founder of the “first dynasty”. Even though his 208 meters height was not the longest man in the world he could not be undone in the box. Even in order to limit his scoring the official widened three seconds area in the season of 1951-1952. After the Lakers got him their power increased greatly. 1947 They won the NBA championship in the first year after it is established. In 1948 the Lakers jumped to the NBA’s predecessor ABA. The Lakers also begins the NBA era. 1949 the Lakers beat Washington congress team and won the BAA championship. After this season ended, BAA with the NBL merged into the NBA. The Lakers won the first championship of the renamed NBA. But the season of 1950-1951, the Lakers can’t beat Rochester Royals (tests) with 1 to 3 missing Royals knocking army opportunities. The Lakers won first predicted in NBA history in 1951-1954. But then the Lakers began to decline. In 1954 to 1982 they only failed twice (1972, 1980).

2009-2010 seasons
When Attest joining the Lakers, it made the Lakers small forward position enhance. The team was all keeping the rules during the regular season. They got a 57 wins 25 negative record ranking the first place in the west, the league third grades. In the playoffs, facing leader of Oklahoma thunder team with the leader Durant, they are away from home in game 4 in fiasco. This finally left defending champion a wake-up call. They subsequently mustered. Relying on the help of Gasoil in the last game, they won the next opportunity with the score 4to2. Western second round, they faced three consecutive years of playoff opponents Utah jazz. They resolute and sweep his opponent 4 than 0. In the NBA finals, they facing the Boston Celtics, this is two teams in finals history 12 meetings with the Lakers. The Lakers was two wins 9 negative. But two years ago it was the Celtics who beat purple golden legion. Facing 34-23 Bryant led the Celtics war with seven games. They finally won with 4 than three lifted the history 16th championship trophy. Bryant got his second consecutive year harvest NBA finals MVP. This is the Lakers’ first success with the competition in the final match. It also helped the Lakers ascend the historical record to three wins and losses.

Here is a sweet moment after the Lakers got the championship.