The Legacy of President Ronald Reagan

One certainly can’t blame the late President Ronald (God Bless America) Reagan for all of the problems that the majority of the Citizens of the United States of America have today, or can one? Try has I have, I cannot think of one good thing he did that made life better. It seems that his sole reason for being President was to fight Commies and finish what Richard Nixon started without any additional constraints on Big Business.

Believe it or not, the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics was doomed to fail, as it did, without any help from him. While he was saying bad things about those Commies, our Government was selling thousands of tons of surplus wheat so that those poor Commies wouldn’t starve to death. At the same time, the homeless in our Country got free moldy cheese and rancid butter. Then too, his Star Wars Defense Program still hasn’t proved its worth to the taxpayers of the United States.

As a matter of fact, the money spent on Star Wars caused our Congress to cut spending for health care and other worthwhile programs. Yes, when the budget was cut for mental health tens of thousands of so called harmless mental patients were simply evicted from mental institutions that could no longer afford to care for those people. Beside those people, there were more than two million homeless people who lost their jobs because Big Business built factories in other Countries.

Well, there was deregulation of the banks, public utilities and air transportation. History has since proved that sure wasn’t a very good idea. All that did was to create hundreds of middlemen who added their own profit margin to the cost of your utility bill and allowed banks to invest your savings into stocks of public corporations for their own personal gain. At the same time, the interest you receive is far less than it once was.

Apparently, anything for the majority wasn’t part of President God Bless America’s Big Picture, as he himself said as part of yet another of his Rah, Rah, speeches. Was he a good actor, or maybe he was the World’s worst director? His management style was nothing more than the delegation of the dirty work to his cabinet. Maybe that’s why the A.I.D.S. virus was allowed to spread across the Country and kill millions of people?

Only a fool doesn’t protect the majority from an incurable disease. Then too, his Surgeon General at that time should be in the book of World records as being the biggest violator of the Hippocratic Oath. He did nothing more than make the condom makers of the World filthy rich.

President Ronald (God Bless America) Reagan did at least one good thing that I’m aware of. You see, the people of Japan gave him two million dollars as a result of all the money they made from the products they sold to us.. Apparently they didn’t see the propaganda movies he played in during World War II. Yes, after his term of office we Citizens truly needed God’s blessing. The Big Picture in his mind was nothing more than a Mighty Big Stinker.