The Life of a Mega-Star – Remembering the Good

Although we may never know the full truth of his life, and all the intricacies surrounding the Jackson family, which every family has it’s own, this planet has lost dearly, one of God’s greatest creation. And so, the purpose of this article is to encourage us to preserve what we are blessed with, our families. Michael Jackson may have given the world his talent, for which many only speak so eloquently of, but the totality of what he received was dismal.

Having listened to the news and other reporting media, it appears that many people only associated themselves with Jackson for what they could get. And as he gave everything, and the world asked for more, there was nothing left, empty! In the end, the world he sang so lustily for could not repay him the love he gave. He raised millions of dollars for the less fortunate, sold out stadiums world-wide, and sang songs that touched millions. And the most many could say, other than of his personal failures, was that, “he was so talented!” All the more reason we should set boundaries to preserve our own lives and livelihood. No one will do it for you. But rest assured, the world will never ask you what it can do for you, only, what can you do for it.

Society will never be satisfied. The world has lost it’s true meaning for living and love for life. And while fame and fortune may come, they all have a price tag. It saddens me to know that in order to become great, according to the word’s standards (when we were already created for greatness, in fact, a little lower than the angels) how much of our soul is required.

How do we mourn the loss of a loved one

We will all die one day; as you are quite aware, but never live your life awaiting death. It will come, that ‘s a fact. However, live today as if tomorrow will never come, as least, you will have lived. Never focus on the bad things done by the dead because being alive assures you that, all your deeds have not yet been tallied; there is more to come. Plus, what will others say about you when your day comes? You will hope that they remember the good! And you will also hope that your good will outweigh your bad, and your deeds of passion touched many lives and made a change for the better!

This should be our aim. And by doing so we are actually saying, “Wow! God has been good to us for allowing such great events to occur during my lifetime! How thoughtful is our God for placing in us, simple and fragile beings, his works of art and gifts beyond fathom to be utilize for the joy of others, and to distill if only for a moment, a piece of heaven on earth.” Next, we should thank God for all the experiences we have had, and continue to have daily. For in them are your life’s resume, which will one day be read by strangers whom you have never met.

Never wait until death to appreciate the gift of life; by then, it will only be a revolving memory of that which once was, an endless tribute. And finally, my only hope is that a gift of greatness, Michael Jackson, knew and accepted Jesus christ as his person Lord and savior before his death. Because like you and I who remain, the only thing that matters is not what we leave behind, it’s that which to come. Pray for each other.