The Magic Fabric Arts And Crafts Toy

It seems like the proliferation in high technology toys has brought forth another incredible toy for children in Magic Fabric.  This seems to be a trend of late, some type of manufacturing technology break through enables toy companies to create new and exciting products for the market.  We have seen this with electronic toys, but now we are seeing it with craft toy products nobody would have ever thought we could improve on.  With Magic Fabric we have a fine example of a new twist on an old idea of craft toys for activities to keep your child amused for hours, weeks, and months on end.  Let us take a close look at this wonderful toy, one that is sure to generate the imaginative and creative spark in almost any child.

The Magic Fabric toy is basically a special type of fabric material that has been specially designed to have properties that make it stick to itself.  Because it can do this, your child will be able to create characters, figures, or animals in just about any shape they want and the Magic Fabric will always stay in the shape they created.  This unique fabric will stick to itself and nothing else, not even hair or dirt which makes it quite durable and last a long time for your child.

With Magic Fabric you will not have to sew it, heat it, or glue it to get it to stay in the shape of your choice.  The toy comes in already printed and cut sheets that are designed to be just the right shape for craft time.  You can take all the different colors and mix and match them to make almost endless combinations of shapes and figures.  You can even create some figurines that look puffy if you apply two different pieces of the fabric together and then use the enclosed roller to press them together and then permanently seal it as your own unique construction.

With Magic Fabric we should first look at the Magic Fabric Starter Kit because this really is the foundation for the entire product line of their toys.  The entire kit is really a source of activities for your child to have almost endless time for play.  With this kit what is included are three hand rollers, four fabric stamps, three pieces of foam, four ribbons, one Magic Fabric sheet, and a character guide.  You will see that making your first animal is really quite easy as the pieces will be made from the sheets that you peel off and put together.  You may find that smaller children need a little help with this, but once the pieces are out they will start taking off and making figures and characters quite easily. After this, any child will place the material between the plates, turn the crank, and out comes a unique hand crafted creation they are sure to love.  An added dimension is to use the roller to make your figures puffy, as this will enable your child to more than double the types of characters they have already made.  Take the final product and stick them to a refrigerator or window, or on a book, and you will always have a reminder of how fun Magic Fabric is.

If you are looking for a toy for your child that gives them a creative outlet than you will want to consider purchasing Magic Fabric.

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