The Magic of Twitter and Why!

What is it about Twitter that makes it so popular with nearly everyone having some kind of an online presence? Why are celebs choosing this platform to express their views? Why even the politicians are talking up a storm in Twitter? Well, as we all know, now-a-days it takes ‘Twitter’ to be heard. Some say it is a great marketing platform and some say it is yet another waste like other social networking sites. But whatever said and done, fact remains, hundreds of people around the world are joining Twitter like there is no tomorrow.

When I joined Twitter, it was just the desire of being close to the personalities I adore (even if it was in the virtual world!). From world famous authors to the representatives of glamour world, they all shine in there. With thousands of followers, they enjoy quite a presence in Twitter. But as I grew old following celebs, connecting with friends, and joining the communities of ‘#’ tag and ‘@’, I faintly realized the further potential that this network has! Probably it is the best online marketing platform as of now. People may differ, but it really pleases me to reach out to even the remotest corners of the world and people living there, and that too without being acquainted to them! I really want to believe, when my favorite star thanks his fans and thereby me, and convince how he couldn’t have done without me (fans)! And all effort that you need to put in, to enjoy this experience, is travel through a couple of ‘clicks’ and follow your favorite profile.

I am active in Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, and many social networking websites, but what appeals to me about Twitter is its ever-growing busy timeline! So many people sharing their views, so many businesses coming up with their unique ideas, and posting interesting links, it seems to be a whirlpool of activities that never ceases to be! The first hand news from the horse’s mouth, people tweeting from real life situations giving you first hand details of it, it is just too tempting to resist.

I remember, I was in Kolkata during the massive explosion followed by the fire that happened in Stephen Court, Park Street, claiming hundreds of lives. And, even before the media could air the news, it was on Twitter! Some brave heart who somehow was stuck inside the building was continuously tweeting from the location. I bet that day people cared to talk to him more than sitting before the television and watching the news on some local news channel. Some were comforting him, some were asking him to be brave and patient, some were frequently dialing numbers for help and the others were just awake on him. He was saved, yes, but it brought out a new fact before me, the power of ‘live tweeting’.

The catch of ‘Twitter’, I feel, is its vitality. It gives the users a feel of being a part of continuous flow of activities. There is a strange urge that I feel, to frequently check out my time line for new updates or information that interests me. Or, for what my favorite celeb is saying. I don’t know if Twitter will wear out like the other social networking websites, once a better alternative hits the market, neither I’m sure if it will keep growing like now, but one thing that I know for certain is… ‘Twitter’ is here to rule and enjoy the limelight for some time now.