The mainstream of the digital video surveillance platform

From previous years of committed video codec system to DSP platform video processing options for video surveillance applications.

According to market authorities, DSP platform has the following positive aspects: First, customers create greater freedom, to support the development of a assortment of customized, can continue to meet the new requirements of the market, for the first time to improve product performance DSP processing capability, multi-channel audio and video signal compression processing on a DSP, in order to promptly meet the needs of the application at the very same time, it also gives a lot of video-specific functions and rich interface DSP chip low power consumption, to enhance the product the stability give dependable protection. In addition, primarily based on the DSP plan development cycle is quick, rapidly technologies updates and item replacement. Currently on the industry mainstream video processing DSP NXP and TI solution.

NXP PNX1300 series chip being utilized in large-scale video surveillance items, it has a range of models like: PNX-1302 200MHz PNX-1301 180MHz, PNX-1311 166MHz (low-energy), PNX-1300 143MHz, PNX-1303 166MHz. Later the company on the basis of the PNX1300 series of
successful application has introduced a greater-performance PNX1500 series. The upgrading of merchandise as PNX-1300 series, the PNX1500 added numerous attributes, such as network interface, IDE interface LCD higher-resolution output, higher-definition video output (1920 × 1080) with
video filtering, image scaling, de-interlacing ( De-interlacing) processing and 2D graphics accelerator. NXP with PNX1300 preconceptions, particularly the 1st to enter the DVR market place, a large market place share.

Even so, with the TI super “players” Strengthening the consideration of the video surveillance industry, the trend of the field began to turn out to be a diverse and thrilling. Has accumulated a wealth of encounter in digital video applications, TI, the most recent addition to the achievement of the earlier C6205 and C6? 15-DM6? The x core platform to construct single-chip quad video technique. Business Improvement Manager for TI’s DSP emerging terminal equipment market place Zheng Xiaolong stated: “typical C6000 platform, Universal Media Processor DM6? X C6? As the core,
integrates numerous video interface and a variety of peripheral interface, turn into the mainstream of the digital control processing platform whilst the the DaVinci platform (Davinci) further to obtain a higher degree of integration of the monolithic program, complete realization of offered single-chip image capture, handle, pretreatment, the video encoder, audio encoding, network video processing and leave sufficient space for far more innovation. “

Safety Exhibition held in Beijing this year, there have been some DVRs and network video server (DVS) primarily based on Leonardo da Vinci platform prototype demo, you can see substantially enhanced video and image effects, the most critical point is that the devoted integrated The video processing unit. Da Vinci contains high-overall performance C6? DSP core and the video image coprocessor, ARM926 processor core, its effective coordinate the handling of higher-definition video image compression capacity is sufficient to assistance H.26? Format D1 codecs, and can also be an crucial processing video processing subsystem (VPSS) enhance the video image.

Zheng Xiaolong mentioned: “For the future development of digital video surveillance DM6? X platform promising, specially in intelligent.” The DM6? X as a powerful basic-objective digital media processors, TI effective third-party network, appropriate for monitoring intelligent software program can be simply implemented in the DM6? x platform In reality, several of the application is in the C6x, or DM6? X on development accomplishment.

Functions such as tracking and identification of objects, the position of the image, the occasion recognition as nicely as face recognition, and so on., has been progressively applied to the actual method, the digital video surveillance plus a higher worth.
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