The Many Types Of Betta Fish

Bettas come from many different places, and have a variety colors and tail designs. The most popular Betta fish are the Betta Splendens, Betta Bellica, Betta Coccina, and Betta Picta.

Species of Bettas – Betta Splendens – Japanese Fighting Fish
Japanese fighting fish originated from Thailand and will survive for at least 3+ years. The male of the species reach an estimate of three or more inches in height. They are extraordinarily antagonistic towards any other male Betta fish and have even been known to kill their newborn offspring. Despite this, they usually aren’t combatitive towards other kinds of fish (examine Fish that can share a tank with Bettas (part 1) and Part 2 for detailed facts on what kinds of sea life to share a tank with Bettas.

Betta Bellica
Betta Bellica originally was exported from Malaysia and are unique in appearance from the Japanese fighting fish. They have shorter fins with a heart shaped rear fin. They are easily the thickest of all the Betta fish. The male Betta is significantly larger and more brightly colored than the female. Malaysian Fighting Fish are ok not submerged in the water. They’ll occassionally leap out of the water when feeding, and have even been known to relax on top of flora above of the water.

Betta Coccina
Sumatra Fighting Fish were first found in Sumatra. They are very pretty fish, generally dark red with vivid blue eyes. They are the tiniest of all species of Bettas. The male and female of the species are exceptionally thin and are about the same length.

Species of Betta Fish – Betta Picta – Javanese Fighting Fish
Spotted Bettas are the least aggressive species of Bettas, and are simple to reproduce. They also aren’t as beautifully pigmented as their Betta cousins, and are therefore also not extremely popular in pet shops. With this species of Betta, the female Bettas will kill each other over the males so it’s vital to keep them separated if you see this happening. Make sure to check out the Betta Fish Breeding Post.

Kinds of Betta Fish Coloration
In their natural habitat, bettas normally only show vivid pigmentation when angry and females generally have lighter coloration than male bettas. However, betta fish breeders have had success in creating strong coloration permanent for male and female bettas all the time, not just when agitated. Bettas are now in almost all the colors in the rainbow, as well as two or three colors combined.

Betta Fish Tails
Bettas tails are one more unique marker of the species. The most commonly seen, and inexpensive is the Veil tail. The Halfmoon Betta is rarest and easily the most expensive. The halfmoon Betta fish’s tail fin opens up into a perfect 180 degree semi-circle, and is wonderful to observe.

There are numerous additional tail kinds including the delta, super delta, fan, round, spade, double, comb and crown. BOLA TANGKAS