The Martini Diet – Not As Fun As it Sounds

The martini diet that was founded by self-help author Jennifer Sander has found a great way to diet without depriving yourself of the foods you love. This deals with not so much avoiding high calorie foods but practicing a level of responsibility with portion control. This is where this diet gets its name due to the way martini glasses can be used to measure food servings.

This means that even if you have a craving for a high calorie food you can give in to these cravings if done so responsibly. This is a great way to mentally beat the aspect of dieting that many people have a real hard time with.

Sander exhibits a way to be towards processed and junk foods that makes you realize your body is too important to pollute with foods of this nature. Once you have this realization in your head you are able to eat anything that is made from real ingredients and is able to fit into a 3 oz martini glass, this is the essence of the martini diet.

If you are making a meal that contains three portions like grilled chicken, broccoli, and rice than you are going to want to measure all three servings with the martini glass. Each of the three portions should just be over the top of the brim of the glass. If you are at a restaurant than Sander’s says to only eat one third of the portions that are given to you and take the rest home to heat up and eat later. Snacking should be eliminated all together and this is done so you are allowed to eat a little dessert at the appropriate time.

While in theory this is a good concept, the biggest complaint is that the portions are too small. This might be a good way to kick start the idea of portion control and calorie control, but it doesn’t provide enough calories to be a sustainable eating plan.

While the martini diet might sound like a dream for someone that spends five out of seven days of the week at the bar the actual intake of alcohol is actually quite regulated. You are allowed a glass of wine with dinner everyday and you are allowed a Martini on occasion so even though this sounds like a bar-fly’s heaven it really has nothing to do with drinking alcohol.