The Meteor Hammer is a Great Martial Arts Weapon

The meteor hammer is becoming one of the more distinguishable martial arts weapons in karate movies. It makes an appearance in Kill Bill, a young Chinese girl afflicted with insanity is able to use it to fend off the Bride, and in the Kung Fu movie spoof Kung Pow Enter the Fist it is wielded by the man known as Betty to the dismay of the hero.

The “meteors” may take many forms but the idea of them is always the same, hard dangerous globes. A single meteor with a spiked ball is attached to the end of the young Chinese girl’s meteor hammer and it comes off resembling a mace. Betty fixes his meteor hammer with his signature sharp iron claw which he uses whenever the boom box begins to play hip hop music. Those are but two examples of how different a meteor hammer can be, the weapon often will display a characteristic of the martial artist wielding it.

The premise of the weapon is that “meteors” are attached to either end of a long and sturdy rope or chain and hurled in any direction by the wielder. It is in the momentum built up in the “meteors” that the expertise and finesse of the weapon truly shines. The meteors are swung around the body and when tossed at an opponent the momentum is released and strikes a sinister blow.

Realistically, the meteor hammer can be one of the more challenging martial arts weapons to manage and because of that it is incredibly difficult to become an expert or master wielder of the weapon. An exuberant quantity of composure, finesse, and grace are required in the wielder in order to build the momentum of these meteors and fire them at enemies with any degree of accuracy. The wielder is not immune to the weapon’s danger either, this martial arts weapon can, if used in the wrong way, be incredibly damaging to the martial artist himself as he tries to attack his opponent. Only but one false move, perhaps accidentally wrapping the weapon around his neck, arm, or leg and the martial artist will find himself in one hell of a horrible predicament.

To practice wielding these martial arts weapons one must step lightly. To master the meteor hammer one must first get used to using a far more docile version. As in all things, we don’t want to jump right to the expert level of the weapon before first mastering the beginning and intermediate settings. The Ancient Chinese would construct water meteors for practicing their meteor hammers. A water meteor would be made out of two bowls which would be tied together and filled with water. The monks would practice with their water meteors until they could effectively keep all of the water inside the bowls with centripetal force.

Even though the weapon poses great danger the benefits of using this weapon make it very appealing. The meteor hammer is a really tough weapon to beat. An accurate strike to the enemy’s temple or forehead can take him down from a wide distance. Plus, not only is the meteor a dangerous striking weapon, it is also a magnificent strangling weapon. The chain might be used to strangle or tie up the enemy from a distance and the meteor can finish them off with a quick and powerful blow to the face.