The Most Relaxing Hookah Lounge In Pasadena

The Isis Lounge & Restaurant is not only just about the most relaxing hookah lounge in the neighborhood, but the food, atmosphere and service are top notch, as well.

Firstly, let me go on for a bit about the hookahs. They range in price from anywhere between 10-20$ depending on the grade of smoke you choose– I personally opted for a 10$ guava that was really great, lasting my party for over two hours. They offer hose and head upgrades and such, though I didn’t inquire too much about them. The coals cafe in pasadena use are excellent and the lounge staff constantly tends to them for you, making certain you’re never smokeless or unsatisfied.

Speaking of the staff, they really heightened the experience. The staff was very knowledgeable of their product, and very friendly. The owner himself walks around to maintain quality control, speak with guests and ensure satisfaction. He even came by and had a bout of smoke with me; and I’ve got to say, after a lengthy puff, he exhaled an arctic storm cloud compared to the petty mists that I was producing. Very impressive, I must say. The drinks we had ordered were refilled a countless number of times, and many trips were made to the stalls, thus.

About the restroom stalls and the rest of the environment, they were all very, very clean. There is a variety of seating arrangement environments ranging from dim, plush couches to iron table tops. Importantly to note, for the evening that I visited, they had a DJ spinning house, trance, hip-hop and various other electronic tracks. Though this can get loud, this is not to say that you must be subject, as there are multiple rooms and areas to the establishment. You can either take residence on a plush, leather sofa at the foot of the DJ, or sit off at an iron table top in an area right next door. Seated near the DJ, the lighting was dim, but not dark; the lighting fun, as strobes and other party lights spat off this way and that. Again, this isn’t to say that this will be your experience, as there are quieter seating arrangements in other rooms should you wish to gather for conversation over lunch or dinner.

As far as the food goes, I must say that I was very, very surprised. For an establishment that prides itself on its hookah and lounge, their food is unexpectedly excellent, having the traits that would allow it to stand on its own. For a meager 7$ my girlfriend and I ordered a koobideh wrap with fries with the purpose of sharing. While I expected a decent meal, one not to stand out, I was surprised by the heaping, steaming plate the servers produced. The first thing I noticed was that the fries were handmade, hand-seasoned and served in a hefty pile. Wedge-cut, coated in paprika, salt and light-pepper, they were a shock, as many businesses, even those that pride themselves on their food, opt to take the frozen route. The koobideh wrap was also impressive. While in flavor it was fairly standard in comparison to the fries, it’s size was nearly 2x that of my expectations, satiating the appetites of both my girlfriend and I fairly thorough. The Persian tea we ordered smelled far better than it tasted, as most teas do, but still, it was great for the price and refilled beyond our question.

Isis is the best hookah lounge in Pasadena, no contest. First and foremost, smoking inside, so cold evenings are never a problem. The service is fast and friendly, they take good care of the hookah, which is great quality, but they are also very engaging with the customers. The food here is tasty for a good price– you can never go wrong with a burger and fries. Best prices, best food, best hookah of any lounge in the area. A must for any smoker.

Isisloungela is the most relaxing hookah lounge pasadena. The service is fast and friendly, they take good care of the hookah, which is great quality, but they are also very engaging with the customers. To find out the best restaurant in la, pasadena restaurants please do visit us.