The Natural Learner – Why Being Curious Matters

Are you curious about the world? Do you find yourself researching new topics, making discoveries and linking them to how you live your life, run your company, or why you make certain choices? If so, you may be a natural learner. This is important for many reasons, most of all because the more you learn, the better off you will be in any given situation. It is not necessary that you know everything about everything, but enough to meet the people who are the experts in that particular field of study. Why? Should you ever need their expertise, you now have a resource to go to who is a friend or colleague.

Being curious about the world is important for business owners and entrepreneurs as well. It is the entrepreneur who finds a gap in the marketplace and fills it with a product or service that meets or beats the competition. Entrepreneurship can happen at almost any moment, if you are aware of it. You don’t need to be an expert at the solution that you find, just having the idea and assembling your team may be enough to get your business up and running. At this time, you need to call in your expert friends to help take your idea and ground it into reality.

Why I Like Learning
I will admit that I am not a fan of school, yet I am a huge fan of education. While I do not like how the school system is set up, I love to learn and educate myself and others on topics I find interesting. There is something special about researching and discovering things on your own versus being told about them in a classroom setting.

Galileo says it best this way:

You cannot teach a person anything; you can only help him find it within himself.

As someone who is curious about the world, I am continually in search for answers. Answers about anything and everything, as at some point, they all cross paths. One of the reasons I study people so much through psychology, behavior, the brain, etc. is because business, especially the service industry, is made up of people. And to better understand how people react, why they react, and more importantly why they trust and buy from some companies and not others, I need to understand them. Yet, I also need to understand business development, branding, identity, and marketing techniques. You see, those two broad topics, business development and psychology, actually fit together more tightly than one may think.

The more I research, read, and talk to others in similar fields and completely different fields of study, the more I see that everything is interconnected. It may be a few layers deep, but on some level, at some point, there is a connection. From my point of view, this is where the entrepreneur really utilizes their leadership skills. They must understand the big picture and be able to bring in the technical experts from a wide range of professions to come together and be empowered by the vision that is laid out in front of them. This is where being curious about the world comes into play.

Can Your Company Be Curious?
So how, from a business development perspective, can a business implement this idea? Well, for starters, the owners can have a company wide meeting where they invite their employees to share their interests both in the field and outside the field to get a better idea for how they currently fit into the system, and where they should be in the system. By allowing employees to be open about their opinions and views on all topics, it creates a dialogue and that dialogue may lead to a new product that could be brought to market, or a new service that could be offered. Just as being curious yourself and asking a lot of questions, as the owner you should be curious about your employees, as you never know who they may know and or what ideas they have that can help elevate the company.