The Needed for Your Outdoor Sports-The North Face Jacket

I would like to introduce the history of TNF for you first. From wonderful downtown San Francisco to north, through the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, Marin County is located on a small peninsula, one side toward the Pacific Ocean and one side of the bay toward the Golden Gate, scenic beauty, not be overstated. Marin County is covered by hills, there is plenty tall mahogany, the forest’s protection was very nice, with the unique style.

There is a well-known fishing port to the side of the Golden Gate Bay, called Shasha Li Dou, its clean streets and beautiful shops are impressive. Income of the residents of Marin County is one of the uppermost in America, so they have money and leisure to engage in outdoor sports, hiking and cycling is one of the most eminent activities. In 1966, the hippies in San Francisco take a entire wave of overwhelming force. The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where he is going, said by David Starr Jordan. This calls for one kind of outdoor equipment that will suit for outdoor sports. So that TNF come into being. In 1968, Doug and Thompkins registered The North Face formally as a trademark. The first product is Sierra Parka jacket (in English, SIERRA is the implication of the mountain), Sierra Parka The North Face jacket has develop into a classic creation.

The symbol of The North Face manufactures is “Never stop exploring”. The North Face are making out the most advanced outdoor and mountaineering equipage after a series of investigation, production process, design and testing of athletes. The mountain jacket series has become the priority choice for people to take activities at a high altitude, cold regions since it was introduced to the market in 1985. Full sense of the weather mountain jacket series is seen by a lot of adventurers as the preferred products, because all mountain jacket products are designed according to strict standards of production.

Dressed in the fabric of the clothing is easeful, no feeling of the sweat during exercise bring to us because it is made by VaporWick. There is even no need to consider about the UV rays for this fabric features UV protection (UPF 30 +), can better shield the skin from it. You can also have the benefit of yourself when there is a heavy rain for the sake of the cloth’s sandwich structure: nylon, light wear soft; sandwich: polyurethane coating (PU coating).

Winds can be defended from you and you will stay warm with Gore Winstopper material. Apex material was applied in the production processing. You can radically realized that this jacket would work for you with a longer time because it was made by nylon fabrics, which bearing the feature of enduring, in the first floor. With Elastic fibers in the second floor so that the dress can be more flexible and you can stretch the body more flexible and not be tied down during exercise. To sum up, the jackets are receiving a great appreciation from customers all over the world with the characters of waterproof, breathable, acceptable, quick-drying and UV resistance. No matter what kind of person you are, the elder, the young, the women or the men, The North Face jacket will always be your side to originate a new life for you!

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