The new styles of north face waterproof-clothes and the functions

The waterproof-clothes are called raincoats. It is the outdoor amateurs’ one of the necessary equipments. No matter you are the city leisure gens, or you are the common weekend outing amateurs. No matter you are making the middle-distance or long-distance hiking or climbing, or you are the professional exploration or climbing ice. A suit of waterproof fits for yourself is the necessity.
Common waterproof-clothes reflect the feature of waterproof. They are all PU waterproof coating and taped in the seam crossing. The materials should achieve windbreak, waterproof, ventilate. The waterproof is if you sit on the wet place or walk in the wind and rain, it can effectively resist the invasion of rain and snow. The water can not permeate through the clothes and you will not feel wet and cold. When you do amount of outdoor sports, your body is perspiring. It is dangerous if the wet can not be expeled. In the changeable nature environment, when the cold wind penetrates the clothes, the wind can bring a warm air beside our body. If the warm air is destroyed, the heat will run away quickly. Then the body will feel cold.
The north face new male venture jacket-AP AGVB is a best selling high technology rain coat. It is specially designed for preventing storms in the open air. It suits for daily wearing.The weight is 379g.There are S/M/L/XL sizes. It is standard clipping. It is waterproof, ventilate, whole taped. The cap can be adjusted, with visible rope. There are zipper and Velcro magic facing strap. Oxter ventilate zipper. Two hand pockets.The downswing can be adjusted. His summit serious is good. It is fit for the venture and climbing under various environment and climate condition. The first impression is the soft material.The touch is fine and smooth but firm and fastness. It owes to new material stretchability. There are particular design and fasten in the elbow and shoulder. It ensures the durability and flexibility when the parts are moving. The design is concise. The function is good, light weight. The collar is high to provide good protection, good oxter heat-removal system. The appropriate cap shape and can be adjusted. The infusion technology. It adds nylon polymer to clothes joints. There are eight colors, black, red, bright blue, green, dark blue, high mountain blue, orange, charcoal grey. The original price is 998 yuan.
There are some types of waterproof-clothes. There are mountain-climbing, outdoors, rain-proof. The mountain-climbing is relatively simple. It considers some special requirments of climbing. The premise of ensuring intensity, it tries the best to reduce the weight. The outdoors style is fit for polytype actives. Sophisticated pattern and many functions. The rain-proof is the simplest, lightest and thinest. WINDSTOPPER is the special windbreak materials. It adopts low weight thin film. It can thoroughly prevent the invasion of wind. It has high ventilate function. It makes users fresh and cool. The windstopper fleeces system is light and it has heat preservation. It fits for cold weather. While the windstopper shell fabric system is light and suits warm weather. The cleaning methods are special requirements. You can wash in the mashing machine with cool water. Add common washing powders. Choose the ordinary dehydration procedure. Immediately air drying after dehydration. Don’t use the hot water to soak. Don’t use bleaching water and fabric softener. Don’t be dry-cleaned. Don’t be dried in the washing machine. Don’t use the stream iron to press.

When you are selecting north face jacketes for the particular situation, you may bear in mind the pointers of many listed below.There should be different north face clothing for the particular situation, so that you’d better pay attention to the pointers listed below. That’s very important for you to know all the facts and ensure that things go on without a hitch when you are planning to get married.