The No Lose Way to Repairing the Xbox 3 Red Lights

Hey Xbox Enthusiast, It’s me John Hitchen here again with another no brainier article. Now when my good buddy Chris Jones told me he had finally decided to share his methods to fixing the Xbox 360 3 Red Lights, I was a bit skeptical. After all, most guides are a complete rip off with badly taken pictures, poor videos and a 2 page eBook saying “Fix it just like me with a toothpick and a hammer!”

Most guides try to take you through the process very poorly, as though the eBooks were thrown together one night with the hopes of making a quick buck off the poor person who just wants to play their beloved video game system that night. After all Halo Wars just came out, or some other FPS.

So Chris Jones placed a wager with me, he told me he would give me his guides, his videos, everything I needed to make my process easier (As I fix the Xbox 360 Red Ring Death on the side) absolutely free. All I had to do was give it the chance, if I liked it, in exchange I would write a review and host it on my website. At first I was a little against it, the Xbox Repairs crew only accepts the best guides and don’t accept just any guide.

But he showed me that he absolutely guaranteed his method for up too 56 days, or the customer would get their money back. What’s more they would keep his “Getting the latest Xbox 360 Games on Tap (Bonus Report)” no questions asked.

So I talked it over with Susan and we put it to the test. I’d be lying if I said this beta copy didn’t have some parts that were unclear. But we were convinced he had a great guide that just needed to be tweaked. Chris was ecstatic when we told him where he could improve, and wouldn’t you know; he fixed and replaced any and every error we told him about.

By the end Susan looked at me and she said, “You know, this is by far one of the better guides we’ve seen, we really should give this guy some website space.”

So we’ve tested every inch of it with our 5 point model of what a good guide is, we’ve tested the links, we’ve checked the value of the bonus report and we have to say. We’re impressed. Chris Jones has certainly made an amazing guide.