The Nokia 1661 – Simple and Unadulterated Nokia

Nokia has been in the mobile phone market for numerous years and therefore has what most would consider a very good understanding the market. With the Nokia 1661 they have offered a budget no frills phone which satisfies the need of an element of the market which is often overlooked by other manufacturers, the budget or replacement market. This phone provides all that a mobile phone needs to, without the bells and whistles that accompany many other offerings. It’s a simple phone that accepts and makes calls, and has a few additional functions built in, that’s all there is to this phone.

The phone comes with a 1.8 inch TFT display screen which displays 65,000 colours and variants of the colours to give a clear and colourful life like image. The display screen is large enough to provide ample viewing of any images or details of the relevant functions that have been included.

The phone provides a series of alert types to cover all bases, such as a vibration facility, which ensures that you’re alerted to any incoming calls or text messages, even within noisy environments. The phone comes with a series of wallpapers and themes to allow the owner to alter the phone to mark their own individuality. Ringtones are included as well as the ability to download polyphonic ringtones.

The phone comes with several features that are a handy addition to any mobile phone, such as a flashlight, this feature has always proved to be a popular feature with Nokia owners and it is included within this phone. An organiser provides the means to organise important appointments or events into the phone and be alerted when needed to be, this serves as a useful tool.

The Nokia 1661 is a phone which is built to service a particular market, call it budget or replacement its aim is clear, it does not offer huge memory or cameras or the touch screen that some of the other phones offer, however it also does not come with their price tags. Nokia have a simple philosophy by the looks of the range of phone they supply, they listen to the consumer then provide a plethora of phones to fill those needs. This phone is one of the budget range, however other phones such as the Nokia E75, is aimed at a different spectrum of users, this in fact is Nokia’s strength and one that has won them many legions of fans.