The Nokia E7 Boasts A Large 4 Inch Clearblack Display For Improved Visibility In Sunlight

The Nokia E7 has a large 4 inch ClearBlack display for improved visibility in sunlight, along with a full QWERTY keyboard which slides out form beneath its touch display with finger touch support for text input also, along with user interface control. The handset features an 8 megapixel camera for video and image capturing also.

The phone has both integrated GPS and Assisted GPS receivers which offer a wealth of location based services including those provided through the preloaded Ovi Maps app, which includes free car and pedestrian turn by turn navigation, along with Wi-Fi positioning and the aid of a compass and accelerometer to ensure the correct screen orientation and that you are always travelling in the right general direction. The Ovi Suite for apps, also allows you to sync the latest country maps for free for the lifetime of the phone.

The E7 offers an 8 megapixel rear facing camera for photo and video recording in both HIgh Definition, and widescreen shot (16:9) ratio, along with dual LED flash and face recognition software. There is also a secondary VGA camera front facing, for video calls and self-portrait shots respectively. Image capture also has up to 2 times digital zoom, along with automatic orientation between portrait and landscape. Meanwhile, HD video reducing is also aided by up to 3 times digital zoom and in widescreen mode with 25 frames per second and at 720 pixel resolution. Both hoots and videos are also automatically location tagged (Geotagging).

The handset has greta connectivity with Bluetooth 3.0 for close proximity file sharing, along with HDMI to connect the handset to an HD compatible television or similar device for a larger screen view of your HD videos. There is also High SPeed USB 2.0 through the microUSB connector and charging point. Additionally, there is a standard audio connector (3.5mm) for headphones when listening to the Music player or the integrated FM radio. Other preloaded applications include Mail for Exchange as part of the phones email capabilities; Quick office dynamic premium offering easy editing of Office documents when sent as email attachments and Adobe PDF reader to enable you to view PDF documents in addition to full hTML webpages through the full HTML web browser present.

The Nokia E7 is a compact and very stylish handset featuring a large touch display with vivid clarity, while also harnessing a sleek slide out QWERTY keyboard, in addition to its onscreen keyboards, for easy text input alongside easy control of the main user interface through touch.