The Nokia N8 features a flick scroll browser for its integrated music player

The Nokia N8 has a flick scroll browser for its integrated music player which allows you to seamlessly find your albums and music and choose the track your are looking for. The handset also has an impressive 12 megapixel camera with a Xenon flash and capable of both photo capture and video recording in HD.
The handset offers both integrated GPS and Assisted GPS receivers which allow it to support the Ovi maps preloaded application which offers you free car and pedestrian navigation along with WiFi positioning and a compass to keep you moving in the right direction. The handsets accelerometer also adapts the maps and navigation to the orientation of the 3.5 inch nHD AMOLED capacitive touch display. Meanwhile, the Ovi Suite allows you to get all of the latest updates and maps for other countries through your PC, also all for free.
The N8 has an impressive and easy to use email client featuring unified push notification for multiple accounts, which can be configured to personal/private domains or other commonly used email service providers such as Hotmail and GMail. Additionally, the handset features a unified text and multimedia messaging editor, along with conversational or threaded text messaging availability. The email client also offers support for multiple file types when attached, including Office documents, images, videos and music files respectively; while office documents can also be edited on the phone. 
The handset features a powerful 12 megapixel camera with auto focus and a Xenon flash, featuring Carl Zeiss optics also. The camera is capable of both photo capture, as well as impressive High Definition video recording through the fullscreen viewfinder offered, and in widescreen shot too. When capturing videos it has up to 3 times digital zoom also, and 2 times for image capture respectively. The phone also allows you to easily share photos and videos with friends through the integrated social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, while also providing automatic Geotagging. 
The phone has an internal memory of 16 gigabytes, with a hot swappable and expandable microSD card slot offering up to 32 gigabytes further. Additionally, it offers High Speed USB connectivity through its microUSB connector, which allows for easy and fast file sharing and syncing, in addition to the Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. 
The Nokia N8 is a compact and powerful handset featuring both an impressive touch display with a powerful camera on board for photo and video capture in High Definition. It also offers many useful integrated applications and other features including a unified email client, unified SMS and MMS messaging and location based services.