The Nokia N97 – The Phone of the Next Generation

The Nokia N97 has many additional features that it can be proud of. One of which is the amazing graphics and the glossy screen of the Nokia N97. To add to that the said product also has a 5- megapixel camera as well as video sharing capabilities. We will now expound on the many other aforementioned features of the mobile phone.

Added Features:

Nokia N97 has wireless Bluetooth capabilities that enable the user to send and receive pictures and videos in a blink if an eye.
It also allows the owner to send and receive electronic mail through the phone’s internet link.
Aside from this, Nokia phone also allows consumers to communicate using Instant Messaging. This way you can easily connect with your friends without worrying about the hassle of finding available internet connection.
As stated in the previous articles, this mobile has a computer-based keypad that enables you to type as if you are using a computer itself.
The music player and FM radio provides hours of enjoyable entertainment for the busy you.
As stated above, the phone has a 5-megapixel camera that allows the user to take clear videos and pictures as well.N97 permits the user to adjust the quality of the pictures much like a real computer does.
The Nokia N97 also has GPS navigation and GPS receiver. This would allow you to track the phone down in case it is lost or stolen.

Accessories and Peripherals

*The mobile phone comes with minute, lightweight earphones and a 32 GB memory card that will help you store thousands of videos and pictures on your mobile phone. This will surely provide you with more enjoyment than ever before.
*You can also remove this memory card for easy storage and have it installed in your computer for clearer viewing.
*With these cool and high-tech features, there is no doubt that the phone really is the mobile phone of the future. It not only has functionality but security as well. This will give you more confidence and safety in handling the said product.