The Pantry Diet – Lose the Pounds Ultra Fast Eating Real Food From Your Own Kitchen Pantry!

How would you like to lose up to 16lbs this month! Sound exciting? Well you can accomplish this goal with The Pantry Diet. The Pantry Diet takes you back to the basics on dieting. Eat real food and watch your waist line shrink and the numbers decrease on the scale.

The Pantry Diet is designed following a calorie control and portion control way of eating. You eat constantly throughout the day. In fact you can eat up to 6 times daily, that’s 3 meals and 3 snacks. Eating on a consistent basis keeps your metabolism revved and you don’t go too long without eating, which helps you to ward off hunger pangs. This diet presses the 4 No’s:

NO calorie counting – Calorie counting does help you keep an eye on your food intake, however, it can be a tedious and tiresome process. To avoid having you count calories you are given a huge list of foods allowed on the plan. Because The Pantry Diet can be customizable, you simply pick your food selections from the foods allowed list and fill into the appropriate place. For example, for breakfast if you are allowed 1 carb, 1 fruit, 1 dairy, this could be a serving of oatmeal, a cup of fresh strawberries, and a cup of nonfat milk. The Pantry Diet also offers a general option for those who prefer a more structured plan. The menu is already laid out, you simply shop for the foods listed and enjoy your week’s meals.

NO cutting out food groups – Many diets promise weight loss by cutting out a food group, like no carbohydrates or no protein. Though this may work on some plans, when you get off the diet and return to normal eating, you will likely binge on the food that you were in withdrawal from. This would be like binging on a loaf of hot french bread on a no carb diet. With The Pantry Diet, no food groups are off limits.

NO eating diet food-The Pantry Diet prides itself on allowing dieters to eat real food that you would find from your own kitchen pantry. This includes cereal, popcorn, granola bars, chocolate, and much more, just to name some examples of snacks. The diet is laid out in 4 phases, each 1 week long. At the end of phase 4 (4 weeks) you can stop if your goal is achieved or restart at phase 1 again. The diet can be structured any way you would like, it is very flexible. For those you love to cook, you are able to prepare foods like seasoned grilled steak and whipped potatoes. If you prefer not to cook, you can easy-to-make foods like turkey sandwiches.

NO exercise required – Nowadays, people are busier and busier. It is getting harder to squeeze in time for exercise. Exercise is a great way to help you lead a more active lifestyle. It can also make you stronger and build your endurance. If you do incorporate exercise into the diet, you will see that you results will only improve, but The Pantry Diet was designed to melt pounds off without exercise. I struggle to fit in a workout every now and then and I know others probably have the same struggles so, rest assured. For those who are able to workout, there is a chapter in this ebook dedicated to exercise, giving you ideas at home, and suggestions for workout routines.