The Perfect Home Office And Working Environment

With the huge improvements in technology, wireless internet, faster broadband speeds not to mention non geographical phone numbers more and more people are being allowed to work from home. Before all of the above improvements employers wouldn’t even consider letting an employee work from home as they just couldn’t keep an eye on working progress. Thankfully this is all now a thing of the past and is fast becoming much more economical from an employer’s point of view to allow this.

If you are one of the lucky ones you will no doubt have already decided on a room in the house that is to become your home office. Your home is a very personal space so you really need to give some thought into how your office will look especially as no doubt guests and other family members will see this space so it really needs to look good.

What follows is a simple guide to help you plan your home office so as to combine style with functionality. There will be many things you need so lets start with the basics. Every office be it home or work needs a desk and chair. Dont simply just opt for the cheapest option measure up your space and then get on line and start searching. There are many online suppliers so make sure you do your research and don’t jump straight in. Dont forget to take into account the rest of the decor in your house as it is important to keep the theme running through.

Your desk and chair have arrived so you now have the basics to work off but nothing to work from so next on the list is your I.T equipment. Get yourself a good computer system fully loaded with all of the software you require. If it is the decision of your employer for you to work from home then really it should be them who are footing the bill for your equipment so do not hold back when selecting the correct machine. After all it will be this computer that will be the difference as to whether you are working or not and the level of speed you will be working at.

Dependant on what you will be doing you will no doubt need a printer. The best option in this case will be a multifunction printer. Multifunction printers offer the home worker a fax, scanner and printer all rolled into one machine. They are not to popular with office based work places as they are generally low spec and use lots of resources but for the home worker are ideal because they are small and offer the main functions of much larger machines.

You are now ready to work at a basic level. Remember though that this is your home so you should really make it look nice so always try to make sure you have got matching pencil holders, in and out trays, magazine racks just to keep your home looking stylish. Plants always make a nice addition to a home office and they also help to promote a stress free environment.

To summarise if you are going to work from home make sure you plan your space properly take your time, make sure you have your measurements correct and make sure you have purchased a desk, chair, pc, printer and some matching stationery. Once you have all of these basics you will be able to make an effective start working from home.