The Perils of Red Meat and Dairy – Go Vegetarian!

Every day I receive and read articles about the perils of red meat and dairy products. The information is often times overwhelming. The recent Health Study cited, “Information concerning diet and pancreatic cancer incidence was collected for a cohort of 525,473 American men and women, aged 50-71 years.” The conclusion was, “Intake of saturated fats, particularly from meats and dairy products, can increase pancreatic cancer risk.”

So why would anyone in their right mind continue to eat dairy and red meat? If all this information is true, why are meat and dairy products on the rise and not declining? Why? The answer is very simple. You absolutely must wise up and learn to listen. For many years, just like you, I told myself “Why would our government allow meat and dairy products to be approved by the FDA if they are so unhealthy?” Well, guess what? The government is part of the problem not the solution. Follow the money trail. The meat and dairy lobbies fund the Congressmen, Senators and our elected officials who then pass bills to support the meat and dairy industries. It is pretty obvious, when you think about it.

So why did I finally “wise up and listen”? Not until I started having health issues did I begin my quest to investigate what the problem could be. My first indication was my cholesterol started to rise. It has always been normal but in my 50’s it started to creep upwards to a total of 200. My doctor said, “Don’t worry, you are very healthy.” I’ve always been athletic and run, swim, cycle and weight train for exercise. So what could the problem be? My training started to suffer somewhat in my quest to do an Ironman so I said, “As a young man in the prime of his life wanting to do an Ironman, who should I contact?” My research led me to Dr. Ruth Heidrich, a seventy year old Iron woman and we started to correspond by email. I thought I had a very “pristine” diet. I wrote her and said, “I am not to your levels but I consider 20 miles a week running, 3.5 miles swimming and 40 miles biking (Spinning) good for my age.  However, I break down after a period of time doing this regimen and I am trying to figure out why.  My diet is a huge focal point for me but I am not a vegan and I do eat a lot of eggs and chicken with occasional sardines. I consider my diet “pristine” with NO sugar, white flour, bread, coffee and eat as natural (nuts, fruit, veggies) as possible.”  As you read this you are saying , “How could that diet be bad?” 

Dr. Ruth, in very precise terms and no frills replied, “Happy to hear about the triathloning lifestyle as I guess you know by now, I’m a firm believer in it!  I did my first Ironman 24 years ago and as I say in “Senior Fitness”, I do a mini-tri every morning and still love it! I must disagree with you, however, in calling a diet that includes eggs, chicken and sardines as “pristine.”  Animal protein and animal fat wreak havoc in one’s body and I’d certainly look at that as a cause of your breakdown.  I am so convinced that we are not meant to eat animal foods because:  

1.  Animal foods cause heart disease.  

2.  Animal foods cause most cancers.  

3.  Animal foods cause osteoporosis — along with a sedentary lifestyle.  

4.  Animal foods cause arthritis.  

5.  Animal foods cause us to stink — notice the difference in body odor, breath, flatus, BM’s, etc. I’d be happy to provide more back-up data on the above if you like, but most of it is in Senior Fitness.”

Well, thank God for Dr. Ruth because I immediately went “vegetarian” and haven’t look back ever since. My cholesterol went from a high of 250 down to 158, my training has improved immensely and I feel like I’ve been given new life. What more could I possibly say other than I am living example of what a vegetarian lifestyle can do for you! You don’t have to be a triathlete to reap the benefits of becoming a vegetarian. In fact your experience will likely be better than mine because you will lose weight and just feel great. Please, take my advice and do research, do the necessary examination and evaluation, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt you will turn to the vegan lifestyle for health, happiness and prosperity!