The Power of Insight

What a failure calls a problem is what the successful person sees as opportunity. What you see is what you see is what you become. The world of God is described as a mirror in which we behold the glory of God and are changed into His image from one level of glory to the other.


Putting it in another way, what you see in the word is what you will become in the world.

This is a critical key to transformation. All human beings have two sets of eyes; the physical eyes by which you see the material world, and you inner eyes, which are critical to your success in  this life. You cannot see the glory of God with your physical eyes. God is a spirit, and you can only relate with, sense or perceive him by your inner faculty.


What makes the difference between successful people and  failures is the word insight, which, if you break up, is a combination of two words: ‘in’ and ‘sight’. Sight is the ability to see. With insight, you have the ability to see things from the inside. It is about the operation of your inner eye. All of us see but we perceive differently.


That is what makes the difference. What a failure calls a problem is what the successful person sees as opportunity. What the poor person calls a problem is what the rich person sees as opportunity for making money.


It is all about what you see and how you see. Insight is very critical to our success in life. If a person’s physical eyes are functioning but his inner eyes are blind, there is no combination of opportunities that can make a success out of him. If on the other hand, a person’s physical eyes are blind but the inner eyes are open, the person stills has all chances of fulfilling destiny.


This is because success depends a whole lot more on what we see with our inner eyes than what we see with our physical eyes. What you see is what you become. It is the inner force that controls the outer force.


You must have eyes that recognize opportunities. There is nobody in this world that lacks opportunity to succeed. We only have people who do not recognize opportunities.


Now, think about the word ‘understanding’. The  ‘invisible part of a building is what holds up the visible one. There is something under what is standing. It is the invisible world that created and controls this natural world.



The physical building you see has a foundation that you cannot see. That simply illustrates the relationship between the visible world and the invisible world.


The eyes that see beyond the natural are the eyes of your understanding. It is your inner eyes that perceive the causes of the things that are happening in the natural dimension.


Having your understanding enlightened is like having the light turned on. You recognize things you were not aware of before. It helps you to define your target or your destiny in life, and to know what to do to produce specific results.