The Proper Way to Sterilize Jars For Canning

Certain of us are attempting to find more ways in which we might save our money by doing certain things without anyone’s help. One of the most different ways that you have the power to attempt to save money is by growing fruits and vegetables and making different foods that you are able to place inside of a jar and preserve for months at a time. This is done through a procedure best-known as water canning.

Water canning is a procedure that food makers utilize to help to maintain the food they sell and make sure they are fresh and edible while they are on the shelves in stores and homes. Although it may sound involved it is rather an easy procedure that anybody can partake in. One of the most serious things you should learn when canning your own food is how to sterilize the jars.

Each time that you are canning foods you should purchase brand new jars and lids. Ensure that you buy the types that can be held in extremely hot temperatures. Lids especially have to be new because they do not have the ability to seal again once they are opened.

You will have to wash every jar, lid, and ring in hot water with soap. This needs to be completed even on the new ones and afterwards have to be rinsed thoroughly.

Place water in a pot and boil the water on top of a stove. Utilize long tongs to set the canning jars and lids in the water when it commences to boil. Keep them in there for a total of five minutes. Use the tongs to remove the jars and lids. Place them on paper towels and let them to air dry. Make a point that there is no water within the jars and that they are right side up.