The Psychology of Colour When Picking Soccer Uniforms

Analyzing the psychological elements of color is a field of study that is growing by leaps and bounds. Because every little thing we purchase is impacted by color, what hue a manufacturer chooses to package his product can make all the distinction. But will wearing the correct colour uniform assist you play greater soccer?

The notion of uniform color making a difference has merit: current research have shown that the most regularly productive teams are the ones that put on red or black. Why is this?

When my son was little he played AYSO like everybody else. With these rec teams, they simply wear the uniforms they are assigned and have no say whatsoever in colour selection. A single year, my boy’s team “had” to wear fluorescent pink. Though they have been only 6 years old, they were already appalled at getting to wear such a “girly” colour. Not only have been the Pink Highlighters subjected to wearing the pink, they had been also subjected to the taunts from other teams: those poor tiny guys never stood a chance. No one particular took them seriously, and their play reflected it.

Red is connected with danger from an early age: it is the color of cease indicators, it is the color of fire engines, it is the color of red hot candies and blood also. No “girly” associations right here. Similarly, all the Negative Guys put on black: the evil cowboy, the mean junk yard dog, and let us not forget Darth Vader wore black from head to toe! Black is the color of intimidation and overwhelming force. May possibly the Pink Highlighters have played a different game if they had been the Black Avengers or Red Devils?

When choosing internet site colors, savvy designers know that the colors they decide on will make a difference between producing ethos for their client or creating the client appear illegitimate. The most trustworthy colour in the enterprise globe is a dignified blue. If a banker’s web site had been awash in pink and yellow, possibilities are very good that no one particular will want to do organization with them. It is not a conscious decision as much as it is a visceral psychological reaction we are barely aware that we are creating.

If a soccer team of any age desires to establish an image for itself- and that image is always one of being a winner- it need to choose a colour that will naturally generate that image inside the opponents’ psyches.

Wearing red or black says to the opposing team at a subconscious but really powerful level: we are stronger than you, we are far better than you, and we are going to annihilate you. The bottom line is, it is tough to produce worry when you are wearing pink on the field. Selecting a psychologically intimidating colour for your group gives you an automatic edge.
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