The Reason Why Im Not So Angy Anymore

Actually, that’s a misnomer. I guess it should ‘not so depressed’ instead of ‘angry.’ Have you, like I, noticed that there seems to be an overwhelming amount of anger in the world? Why should that be and is it at all natural?

All of us have certain basic needs that we must meet. We need nutritious food to sustain our bodies and we need warmth and shelter lest we get sick and maybe even die from exposure to the elements. If we have an infection, we need medicine for it to heal. We have complex emotional needs that, if not met, could cause us to shut down and become incapable of working anymore.

Honestly though, that’s all we ‘really’ need and it’s the illusion that we need more that causes us to live depressed or angry lives. One might argue though that we need to prepare for the future as well: for our retirement or our children’s futures. That goes along with our emotional security. I believe however that we don’t need as much as we might think even in this regard.

I am fortunate to live in a country that is socialized enough that it offers just enough support to a destitute person to live a decent life and have access to health care. Some live in communities that essentially do the same. All tribal people do this as well. I am not a lazy person. I like to work and to tell the truth I like to work hard. But I once found myself in a position where I was unemployed and could no longer pay rent or any of my bills. Applying for and accepting welfare was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I learned to live a frugal life that was nevertheless full of joys and fulfillment. I learned the relief of humility.

I am employed again but my depression is gone and so is my fear about money. I know now that you don’t really need a whole lot to live well in this world and that money and things don’t really make you happy. I like my job but I’m not afraid of losing it.