The recent property surge in England

Recently it was seen that the Asian investors started dominating the property investment area in the European region that made a surge in the property price. However, more recently a plan has been devised from the British government that led to a great number of revocations. The plan suggests that the foreign investors were supposed to pay tax on per capital gains that was never seen before.

The trend has shown that the Asian investors will keep on dominating this part and will be a new hand to the opportunities for the local investors. The country of England that is a great opportunity of investment for the out siders and the Overseas Investment Property have recently announced that the capital taxes will have to be paid by the property owners.

The Chancellor Osborne said that the Britain is an open country and invite investors from all the parts of the world but the rule of the people not living here and not paying taxes will have to be revoked as it is not right for them to have a property but not to pay any taxes.

The recent Overseas Investment Property has risen the investment opportunities but has also increased the price of the property from 2 percent to the recent 7 percent that was not seen before. It happened because more and more people came in the region to invest in the properties here.

The Asian investors are around 70 percent of the buyers of the new homes on the London alone in these days. The Asians coming here to invest are mostly from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The countries have great relationship with England that is why they prefer coming and living the region.

The Overseas Investment Property has also become a topic of interest in the Chinese buyers as well. The Chinese firms have risen to be the most ongoing investors in the commercial sectors in the country and recently it was seen that these companies took a lot of interest in the investing in the commercial area making it more profitable for the commercial investors. However, the Chinese buyers are certainly moving towards the US, Canadian and Australian Markets for far better opportunities.

London is regarded as the fifth most expensive city of the world and holds a great number of prices for a two to three bedroom house. The rents in the city have increased dramatically and have come to a point that some if the residents are not being able to afford it any more. This has again raised a question in the authorities and the investors in the country to invest in the right areas and to look for the alarming number in the investment area as well.

The people of the country also have a kind of negative association and negative sentiment attached to the fact that the most of the property is bought by foreigners and is governed by them.
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