The Religion of Love – Where Can I Find True Love?

Where can I find true Love?


“Love is not of the world but of the spirit, and when you seek outside yourself for Love you look in the wrong place, for already are you Love. Look instead for places where you may give Love, for Love is not Love until it is given. And in giving know the things of the world, are limited and temporary and bind one to suffering. Give then, that which is unlimited and eternal and frees one from suffering. Give God. Anything less is not Love.” (Excerpt from the book “The Religion of Love”)

Hearing this is really comforting because we all want Love. We all want to be happy, but it seems so difficult to find Love, to attain it. I mean where do you begin looking. Parents, television, movies, and books all kind of instill the idea into us when we are younger that Love is found with another person or another place. And that’s the beginning of the confusion and suffering. We are going outside rather than inside, to experience, as Mother Rytasha says, what we already are…Love. And experiencing this naturally we want to share it. Its like my brother Hassan can cook a really good stir fry. And he is always trying to get you to eat some. Because he knows how good it is. He wants to share it. Even if you say, “no that’s ok, thanks though.” He will offer it to you again. Out of Love, he is offering what he knows is good from experiencing it himself. Now weather you eat it or not, he still is going to enjoy some delicious food.

Sometimes I meet people who ask me, “Why do you distribute the books of The Religion of Love? Are you trying to convert people or something?” We distribute this message because of the same reason my brother will offer you some good food. The message of The Religion of Love which Mother Rytasha is giving has shown me the purpose of this life. Has shown me true Love. So naturally I want to share it. It would be an injustice if I didn’t offer it, just like if you went to Hassan’s house while he was cooking (a good time to go) and he didn’t offer you anything. Its out of Love. And really, being here in Mexico and just offering this message to everyone who passes is so beneficial for me. I would like to think I am doing a service to the world, but when I go out with these books, I am receiving so much more. So really I do this for my spiritual master, for God and for myself. “Love is not Love until it is given…”

So I’m trying to always think how to give this Love to myself, giving meaning the spiritual practice, and anything that helps me stay fixed in my spiritual life. Like distributing this message keeps me fixed, and also others may benefit from it because they may get a book.