The Rising Of Justin Bieber

In 2008, Justin Bieber was unveiled to the world for his talent of singing. When Scooter Braun was hunting for a new voice, he discovered Justin Bieber’s videos on the youtube. Being impressed with Justin’s voice he found the high school in which Bieber studied and ultimately contacted Mallette, Justin’s mom. Though Mallette was disinclined initially, she probably did permit Justin to take up his music career in Atlanta, for recording his first audition. Right after Justin Bieber arrived, he signed up with RMBG, a JV between Braun & Usher. Also, Justin sang for RB, the official song writer for Usher. Later Justin & his mom moved to Atlanta, to base his music career, & Braun became his manager.

That was the time Justin was recording his debut album, his first single One time was released on radio and it hit top 12 on the Canadian Hot 100 inside its first week of release. The three singles that were later released on the iTunes store also topped the list Billboard Hot 100. Bieber’s first album My world requires a special mention here as it had been a great hit national. After his fulfillment in the original albums Bieber was also making appearances in live shows like, The Dome, The following star & Good Morning America. Not to miss that Bieber also gave his guest appearance in an episode of True Jackson, VP.

One of the outstanding moment for Bieber might be the performance he gave for the U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House, Stevie Wonder’s Someday at Christmas which was broad casted on TNT. Bieber was also the presenter of 52nd Grammy Awards in Jan 2010. Baby the single from the debut album featuring Ludacris which was released later on is the platinum hit so far in the U.S. And in a number of other nations that made Justin Bieber, the youngest solo male performer to top the list since Stevie Wonder in 1963. My world 2.0 became the number one in almost all the charts in assorted states, which made him a celebrity so well-liked at this young age.

It is surprisingly right that he is one of the most searched for celebrity on the web. Bieber became the biggest celebrity ever, who was also accounted for his share of 3% traffic on twitter. The Baby was the most viewed video which exceeded Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Bieber has begun the recording of his next album in NY and the lyricist is Taio Cruz. Justin is also all set to be in a 3-D Movie directed by Jon Chu, a production about Justin which is getting released in February 2010. The inborn talent is what that makes this young chap a hit & popular. He has just showed clearly that, it’s the talent that takes you high and nothing else matters. BOLA TANGKAS