The Secret of Hypnosis is Here – Hypnotize Someone In Seconds!

For the longest time, many people have engaged in arguments over how hypnosis works or if it really works at all.  Despite  the advancement  of science, hypnosis  still remains a mystery.

I’m sure many of us have already witnessed how hypnosis works, either on TV or right before our eyes….thus,  it’s also a mystery why hypnosis remains a mystery!

At one point at least, you and I must have thought about hypnotizing someone and we must have wondered if it really worked. Do I have to be an expert in religion? Do I have to be an expert in psychology?

However, some research have proven that a hypnosis expert doesn’t have extraordinary abilities or what skeptics say as “non-existing skills”. And then this question: If hypnosis works that easy, how come people don’t use it to please themselves or others?

Well, it doesn’t take a lot of brains to know the answer. Many of the people out there who are intrigued with hypnosis are still skeptical whether it can be learned or not, and if it can, they think it will give them a great deal of difficulty and seriousness.

Now, I’m telling you. Learning simple ways of hypnosis is not above anybody’s head. If you want, you can follow these simple things I’m going to share with you if you really want to learn it.
Here are the steps of hand to face method, which is the easiest induction style that most beginners succeed in.

1.You start the process by taking another person’s wrist using one of your hands and place it in front of his or her face.

2.Act and sound like a dictator in order to make him/her follow.

3.Instruct this person to come in close contact with you.

4. Make sure that this person directs all his/her possible attention to one spot of his hand.

5. Be confident about yourself that you can actually hypnotize someone.

6. Point to your subject that after you move his/her had directly to her face, he/she will be in a deep hypnotic phase.

7. After your subject has touched his/her face, command him/her to sleep. Start this final process by slowly moving his/her hand slowly towards his/her face until he/she falls asleep.

If you succeed in doing this, you know you’re off to a good start. You have the potential to be a great hypnotist!