The Secret to Scrumptious BBQ is in the Preparation

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered a plate full of the most succulent, mouth watering ribs or chicken that you ever tasted?  Well, believe it or not, these tasty ribs (or chicken or brisket or butts) hardly compare to the better BBQ meats found at barbecue competitions.

Barbecue competitions are cook-offs where different crews (competitors) prepare their various BBQ specialties and compete with one another. The BBQ recipes and meats are then judged by a team who in turn reward the best BBQ’d meats with trophies and other honors.

Okay now that you know where to get the best barbecue chicken or ribs or what not, how do you cook these bbq recipes yourself so you can enjoy these tasty delights in your own back yard?

It is difficult to easily find this information. It is out there, but the good stuff, just like the scrumptious  barbecues, are hard to find.

If you know anything about competition barbecues, you know these great tasting barbecued meats involve more than just dumping some canned barbecue sauce on  chicken or other meat.

Competition barbecuing actually involves the optimal conditions of quite a few things. Here are just some of the things that are involved in making succulent BBQ:

Cooking times and temperatures are different for each meat that you may cook – whether it be ribs, chicken, brisket or butts

Cooker types vary also. Some are better than others and all have their own ways for optimum smoking or cooking.

The wood choice effects the smoking and the resulting flavor.

Do you use marinades, brines or injections? What are they? Do you use one, or, all of them, and why?

What about rubs? What are they, what do they do and how and when do you use them?

What about finishing glazes and sauces? What is their purpose and how are they made?

How do you trim your meats? How do you trim ribs St Louis style?

Simply put, it doesn’t matter how great your barbecue recipe or BBQ sauce is — if you aren’t doing these other things correctly, you’re missing out on that coveted barbecue taste.

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Be the envy of your neighborhood. Learn the secrets of professional barbecues in this one of a kind Competition BBQ Secrets. Scrumptious, mouth watering, tasty barbecues can now be enjoyed in your own yard. Check out Competition BBQ Secrets now before the barbecue starts.